REAPER v6.36rc1

v6.36rc1 - September 1 2021

+ API: allow audio hooks to read/process incoming MIDI messages from the current block
+ Actions list: add deselect,unselect to list of action name synonyms
+ Actions list: match synonyms when next to various non-alphanumeric characters
+ Actions: improve the naming of various selection related actions
+ FX browser: add menu item to Duplicate JSFX
+ FX browser: add option to always search all FX when using search field [t=256322]
+ Freeze: add option in preferences/rendering to generate muted silent items from muted source items [t=255812]
+ Linux: safer plug-in X11 window destruction
+ MIDI: don't allow setting MIDI note-on velocity to zero in event properties dialog
+ Peaks: label slider "display zoom" in peaks settings window to match action names
+ Preferences: enable apply button when toggling 'allow space key to be used for navigation' option [t=256970]
+ ReaScript: add GetThingFromPoint()
+ ReaScript: add read-only track property to read position of WALTER elements, e.g. P_UI_RECT:tcp.mute
+ Render: automatically filter control characters from filenames on render targets [t=256971]
+ Tracks: option to disable track metering affects only selected tracks
+ VST3: improve handling of 0x90-encoded note-offs [t=256283]
+ VST: detect changes to window size on Linux bridged VST2
+ VST: fix UI idle processing for bridged VST2 on Linux
+ VST: prevent calling effEditClose twice on Windows bridged VST2 plug-ins
+ VST: prevent calling effEditClose twice on macOS bridged VST2 plug-ins [p=2474831]
+ Video: fix rendering at framerates lower than 1/video_cache_size [t=256901]
+ Video: update media item labels when loading user presets on a take-FX video processor [t=256861]
+ macOS: improve default focus of various windows
# Mixer: avoid calling InvalidateRect from within paint