REAPER v7.07+dev1217

v7.07+dev1217 - December 17 2023

* Includes feature branch: notify user if default menu changed after a menu was customized
* Includes feature branch: media item edits in comping lane optionally affect media item edges in source lane
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
* Includes feature branch: preserve metadata when rendering media items
* Includes feature branch: envelope list window improvements
* Includes feature branch: video processors in containers
* Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
* Includes feature branch: large number of video items CPU use optimizations
* Includes feature branch: record armed tracks obeying 'do not run muted tracks' preference
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
+ Lanes: exit fixed lanes when edits move all items to one lane on track with hidden lanes
+ Metronome: minor dialog adjustments for metronome, click source properties
+ Parameter modulation: use modal window preference for initial position
+ Project bay: allow disabling grouping of similar media items
+ Project bay: show fade in/out size for very small fades (even if it appears as 0)
+ ReaScript: fix return value of MIDIEditor_GetSetting_int() [t=286306]
+ Tracks: handle clicks on volume, pan, width label as if they were clicks on track control panel background [t=286237]
+ Tracks: update track lane paste target when clicking in arrange view and preference disabled to change track selection on arrange view click [p=2743123]
+ Windows: use new EV authenticode certificate
# Envelope window: improve display in last-touched view
# Envelope window: space in list shows menu