REAPER v7.07+dev1218

v7.07+dev1218 - December 18 2023

* Includes feature branch: notify user if default menu changed after a menu was customized
* Includes feature branch: media item edits in comping lane optionally affect media item edges in source lane
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
* Includes feature branch: preserve metadata when rendering media items
* Includes feature branch: envelope list window improvements
* Includes feature branch: video processors in containers
* Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
* Includes feature branch: large number of video items CPU use optimizations
* Includes feature branch: record armed tracks obeying 'do not run muted tracks' preference
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
+ Automation: add preference for automation rate when interpolating between points for FX that support sample-accurate automation
+ Automation: improve quality of sharp edits on volume/pan/width envelopes
+ Automation: improve quality of square envelope points for volume/pan/width envelopes
+ Lanes: actions to move items up/down by lane respect project auto-crossfade setting [p=2743624]
+ Lanes: improve MIDI editor behavior with certain combinations of preferences on fixed lane tracks [t=286332]
+ Mouse maps: fix click-type display order when names are localized
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaItemInfo("C_ALLLANESPLAY")
+ Tempo envelope: when inserting empty space, ensure tempo remains the same at the start of the moved content [t=286359]