REAPER v7.08

v7.08 - January 9 2024

+ Actions window: ignore case/UTF-8 accents when sorting by description [t=285073]
+ ARA: fix potential crash when loading old projects (does not affect Melodyne) [t=286524]
+ FX: option to not run on muted tracks also affects record-armed tracks
+ FX: update container-mapped TCP parameters in response to internal modulation
+ JSFX: fix locrian scale definition in Effects/IX [t=31862]
+ Lanes: actions to move items up/down by lane respect project auto-crossfade setting [p=2743624]
+ Lanes: action to move comp area up/down for selected items skips lanes with no media [p=2743844]
+ Lanes: add setting (on mouse modifiers preferences page) for media item edits in comping lane to affect media item edges in source lane (clamped to source media start/end)
+ Lanes: exit fixed lanes when edits move all items to one lane on track with hidden lanes
+ Lanes: improve MIDI editor behavior with certain combinations of preferences on fixed lane tracks [t=286332]
+ Linux: fix multiline vertical alignment in message boxes
+ Localization: use localized strings when filtering in theme tweaker [p=2698234]
+ Media items: fix preference to display overlapping media items as opaque [t=286664]
+ Menus: remove some redundant razor edit / envelope point menu entries [p=2747122]
+ Metadata: add option to attempt to preserve source file metadata when rendering media items [t=284174]
+ Metadata: preserve metadata when gluing media items if all glued items share the same source file
+ Metadata: preserve source media metadata when applying FX, rendering as new take, etc
+ Metronome: minor dialog appearance adjustments for metronome, click source properties
+ MIDI: add actions to set selected MIDI items to ignore project tempo [t=286721]
+ MIDI: add action to set MIDI media items to follow project tempo changes (undoing any previous setting to ignore project tempo)
+ MIDI: display minor key signature metadata correctly in Media Explorer [t=286854]
+ MIDI editor: add CC shape preferences to MIDI CC lane context menu [t=286929]
+ MIDI editor: do not display note edges beyond the edge of the media item in notation view [p=2738388]
+ Mouse maps: fix click-type display order when names are localized
+ Normalize: add option to only normalize files that are too quiet when rendering or batch-converting
+ Peaks building: add options to change peak building order, disable parallel building
+ Peaks building: build active takes before building inactive takes
+ Project bay: add selection mirroring and auto-scroll support for FX and FX parameters tabs
+ Project bay: allow disabling grouping of similar media items
+ Project bay: improve naming of FX with aliased names/video processors
+ Project bay: show containers, FX in containers in FX view
+ Project bay: show fade in/out size for very small fades
+ Project bay: support expanding/collapsing groups via left/right keys
+ Project bay: update FX parameter names when parameters change
+ Razor edits: fix editing multiple envelopes at once using multiple razor edits and automation items [t=286719]
+ ReaScript/JSFX: optimize mouse hit testing for gfx_getchar(65536), add 65537 mode to skip hit testing [p=2745361]
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaItemInfo("C_ALLLANESPLAY")
+ ReaScript: allow setting a negative take marker offset via SetTakeMarker() [t=267197]
+ ReaScript: document more GetSetMediaItemTakeInfo() attributes
+ ReaScript: fix return value of MIDIEditor_GetSetting_int() [t=286306]
+ Region manager: fix adding selected tracks to render matrix [t=271185]
+ Regions: improve behavior when moving regions with tempo changes [t=285738]
+ Retroactive MIDI record: use correct offset when inserting all available events and first event was recorded during playback
+ Ruler: do not move edit cursor when right-clicking marker lane [t=201914]
+ Stretch markers: add option in preferences/item fade defaults to control default stretch marker fade size
+ Stretch markers: fix playback issues with a fade size of 0ms
+ Stretch markers: fix quality issues with ramped rates near 1.0 [p=2742890] [p=2744008]
+ Take FX: fix issues with batch converter and glue/render actions when PDC and project playrate are both in use
+ Take FX: fix sample-accurate automation accuracy when using take start offset and project playrate
+ Tempo envelope: when inserting empty space, ensure tempo remains the same at the start of the moved content [t=286359]
+ Toolbars: fix tooltips when using text icon and "use as tooltip" disabled [t=286219]
+ Tracks: handle clicks on volume, pan, width label as if they were clicks on track control panel background [t=286237]
+ Tracks: add preference to set target track for insert/paste when clicking in arrange view [p=2743123]
+ Undo: improve memory tracking over 4GB
+ UTF-8: various logical sortings correctly handle various accented characters [t=285073]
+ Video: lower CPU use with very large numbers of video items in project [t=284760]
+ Video: support video processors within FX containers
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: show arrow-key checkbox at smaller widths [t=286102]
+ VST: fix macOS/Linux keyboard message sending issues
+ Windows: use new EV authenticode certificate