REAPER v6.36+dev0913

v6.36+dev0913 - September 13 2021

* Includes feature branch: ReaLimit
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ JSFX: update Flanger preset [t=4908]
+ MIDI input: process sysex messages when the terminating byte is a standalone packet [t=257456]
+ ReaComp: allow configuration of 1-64 channels, optional multi-mono and multi-stereo modes
+ VST: improve VST2 program support for old plug-ins that do not support effGetProgramNameIndexed
+ VST: improve naming of unnamed programs
# ReaLimit/ReaEQ: do not change channel count when loading presets
# ReaLimit: with link enabled, double click on slider or embedded UI resets both limit and ceiling