REAPER v7.12rc1

v7.12rc1 - March 20 2024

* Includes feature branch: color media items peaks by calculated loudness or display loudness graph on items
* Includes feature branch: Media Explorer time selection, channel selection improvements
* Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
+ ARA: report selection change to plugins when switching active takes
+ Accessibility: improve accessibility for MIDI device list
+ Accessibility: improve application-key menu behavior in various listviews
+ Accessibility: improve preferences/item fade defaults accessibility descriptions
+ Actions: correct some action descriptions for last touched FX envelope
+ Actions: fix media item quantize action affecting unrelated items on free item positioning or fixed lane tracks [t=289244]
+ Automation: add preference to control whether envelopes with a single point are automatically removed when hiding
+ Automation: do not auto-remove envelopes when bypassing a trivial envelope [t=90282]
+ CLAP: fix pin state loading for plug-ins that change their channel count on state load (e.g. FabFilter)
+ Default theme: make auto-hiding of envelopes/routing buttons behave similar to Default 6 theme
+ Drag and drop: allow dragging FX/routing to tracks in track manager
+ Freeze: exit comping when freezing a track
+ Freeze: treat media items on fixed lanes that do not play as if they were muted items
+ Grouping: increase tolerance for track edit grouping to including items that start and end within 2ms of each other
+ Initialization: Warn on startup if configuration file cannot be written to (avoid unexpected behavior when running portable installation without write permission to directory, for example)
+ Lane: fix undo after changing comping lane [p=2734645]
+ Lanes: action to comp into new lane automatically creating comp areas prefers media items in higher numbered lanes rather than lower numbered lanes
+ Lanes: action to reset lane names will reset lanes named like 'C1' if they have no comp areas
+ Lanes: add actions to explicitly set (rather than toggle) recording options to add lanes, add lanes in layers, or not add lanes
+ Lanes: add track setting for media items on higher numbered lanes to mask playback of lower lanes
+ Lanes: change description of existing 'new recording adds lanes' action to make clear the action is a toggle
+ Lanes: display implied crossfade when a media item is masked by the fade-in or fade-out of another media item
+ Lanes: do not set new lanes playing when inserting multiple media items and only one lane currently playing [p=2767175]
+ Lanes: fix behavior of action to comp into new empty lane when comp lane already exists
+ Lanes: fix crash when trying to insert more than 128 lanes
+ Lanes: fix pasting razor edits or media items to fixed lane tracks when comping is active [t=289260]
+ Lanes: handle corner case when auto-remove lane from two lane track with no media [p=2757796]
+ Lanes: prevent creating comp areas that are fully enclosed by other comp areas
+ Lanes: respect setting to automatically comp new recording when in autopunch mode but recording does not intersect the time selection or selected items [t=288422]
+ Lanes: update display after auto-punch recording with comping enabled [t=288667]
+ MIDI editor: add option to not draw CC events in non-editable contexts
+ MIDI editor: do not preview note when clicking/dragging piano roll with modifiers that are mapped to 'No action'
+ MIDI editor: do not show hidden tracks in track list
+ MIDI editor: ensure double-click on collapsed CC lane expands the lane [t=289393]
+ MIDI editor: fix grid-line navigation on items with non-1.0 playrates [t=289129]
+ MIDI: fix inserting multitrack MIDI onto existing tracks
+ Media Explorer: add option to close window on escape key
+ Media Explorer: apply customized channel preview to MIDI item when inserting
+ Media Explorer: display ruler on media preview
+ Media Explorer: fix displaying out-of-tune indicator when pitch detection is enabled
+ Media Explorer: improve display of MIDI markers and cues
+ Media Explorer: improve randomness of action to randomize file list
+ Media Explorer: restore most recently used channel mapping when reloading a file that was previously previewed
+ Media Explorer: support previewing specific MIDI channels
+ Media explorer: apply preview channel playback configuration when inserting media
+ Media explorer: disable reverse preview for MIDI (playback has never been supported, but display was misleading)
+ Media explorer: display channel count for MIDI files (may require re-reading metadata from media)
+ Media explorer: display preview playback position, length, time selection in beats for beat-based media (MIDI, REX)
+ Media explorer: support enabling, disabling, remapping individual channels
+ Media explorer: support entering time selection start/end times
+ Media explorer: support inserting selected portion of media into existing media item [t=268245]
+ Media items: fix occasionally not displaying take markers that are at the very start of the media item
+ Media items: when preference enabled to clamp media item edge edits to source media start/end, and item has multiple takes, clamp to the earliest start or latest end
+ Metadata: automatically set/clear default image type when setting/clearing image metadata
+ Metadata: remember last metadata scheme selection when reopening REAPER
+ Mouse modifiers: respect arrange view override when clicking within track spacer or below last track [t=288574]
+ Notation: fix ties when note extends past the right edge of the screen in continuous view [t=288216]
+ Peaks settings window: support retina display
+ Peaks: add load/save/rename preset, reset to default to '...' dropdown menu in peak display settings window
+ Peaks: add option to display tooltip with peak value and loudness (if peaks configured to calculate loudness)
+ Peaks: add preferences to always generate/cache info for loudness, spectral peaks even if not displayed
+ Peaks: support renaming presets for spectral, loudness, spectrogram peaks
+ Preferences: add new page Media/Peaks Generation
+ Preferences: add preference for fixed lane tracks to enable media items in higher numbered lanes masking lower numbered lanes by default
+ Preferences: move various Automation Item-related preferences to Editing Behavior/Automation Items
+ Project bay: do not report unavailable FX as idle
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo('C_LANESETTINGS') [p=2763381]
+ ReaScript: add Lua usage example for SendMIDIMessageToHardware() [t=276925]
+ ReaScript: improve default rounding of gfx.roundrect() [p=2768237]
+ ReaScript: improve support for newer Python versions
+ ReaScript: update audio status menubar text in response to GetSetProjectInfo_String with RECORD_PATH or RECORD_FORMAT [t=289432]
+ Render: do not apply dither to the first rendered sample if it would otherwise be zero
+ Render: fix peaks display when calculating loudness of selected items via dry run render [t=288907]
+ Render: fix render statistics chart for video renders [t=288336]
+ Render: respect render settings to dither/noise shape stems
+ Take markers: avoid possible crash when editing or deleting take markers on currently-recording items
+ Theme: mixer layout B is now a reworked strip layout
+ Toolbars: update customized toolbar buttons after actions to display various views of the routing/grouping/region matrix window [t=288273]
+ Tracks: add actions to crop to playing media items, or copy playing media items to new track
+ Transport: fix macOS retina drawing glitch with some themes [t=288253]
+ Wildcards: add support for $notes wildcard, resolves to the text in the Project Settings/Notes dialog
+ macOS: improve peaks drawing quality in Retina mode
+ macOS: possible drawing performance fixes with M2/Sonoma/Metal enabled
# Lanes: fix behavior of action to comp into new lane automatically creating comp areas
# Lanes: fix lane play state being cleared when undoing unrelated edit
# Lanes: improve behavior of lane masking and automatically creating comp areas when media items in different lanes start or end at the same time [p=2734639]
# Lanes: respect 'all lanes play' setting when creating new lanes [p=2768445]
# Lanes: update display when action affects lane masking
# Lanes: update lane masking display during razor edit [p=2736706]
# Media Explorer: fix applying MIDI channel mask when source MIDI contains sparse channels
# Media Explorer: support re-mapping higher source media channels even if playing back through a smaller number of channels
# Media Explorer: update MIDI preview display when changing channel selection
# Media Explorer: when importing type 1 MIDI and applying channel selection, still offer the option to expand tracks [p=2754332]
# Media explorer: fix resizing behavior of source media information box
# Media explorer: improve behavior of time selection edit boxes when creating time selection
# Mouse modifiers: fix cursor when over track spacer and mouse modifier override is enabled
# Mouse modifiers: revert 'respect arrange view mouse modifier overrides when the mouse is over razor edits or comp areas'
# Peaks: add color band, change default levels/colors
# Peaks: add even more loudness peaks color bands (previously saved presets will be discarded)
# Peaks: add menu item to open peaks generation and caching settings from peaks display settings window
# Peaks: enable entering numbers directly in peaks display settings edit boxes
# Peaks: fix adjusting loudness peaks/graph by fades, item gain, take envelopes
# Peaks: fix save/load of loudness peaks color configuration in a platform-agnostic way (if you changed settings previously, colors may not load correctly)
# Peaks: improve loudness graph drawing
# Razor edit: improve preview display when edit begins or ends over a track spacer
# Theme: mixer layout B reworked strip layout HiDPI fixes [p=2767995]
# macOS: fix metal initial display animations [p=2760758]
# macOS: more Metal tweaks