REAPER v7.13

v7.13 - April 2 2024

+ API: C/C++ header allows renaming API call names [t=289894]
+ Default theme: fix 150% MCP image glitch [p=2771219]
+ Default theme: move MCP strip index divider up 1 pixel, fix selection dot z-order
+ Lanes: fix applying implied fade-in/fade-out when using lane masking
+ Lanes: fix fade-in/fade-out/autocrossfade behavior after running actions to crop to playing media items without preserving lanes [p=2771274]
+ Lanes: fix behavior of action to automatically create comp areas when lanes are collapsed [p=2771408]
+ Lanes: fix gluing media items when using lane masking
+ Lanes: fix saving/restoring lane masking state in .RPP
+ Lanes: prevent possible bad output when using lane masking and media items have no fade-in/fade-out [p=2771246]
+ Lanes: update peaks after disabling lane masking [p=2770721]
+ Media explorer: fix inconsistency in time selection display/calculation when project has negative start offset [t=289724]
+ Media items: fix display of implied fade-in/fade-out when item mix mode is 'enclosed items replace enclosing items'
+ Preferences: fix search focus issues with certain REAPER extensions installed
+ Render: fix render dialog statistics display when normalizing to common gain and not rendering master mix [t=289917]
+ VST: fix support for up to 128 buses [t=284552]