REAPER v6.37rc5

v6.37rc5 - October 4 2021

* Includes feature branch: multichannel, multi-mono, multi-stereo ReaPlugs
* Includes feature branch: ReaLimit and render limiting
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
+ AU: remove non-functional IO button in FX pin connector dialog
+ FX browser: improve behavior adding to folders when using search
+ JSFX: improve scrolling smoothness of Oscilloscope
+ JSFX: increase maximum view length for Oscilloscope to 5s
+ Meters: improve appearance when using DPI-mapping [t=257953]
+ Theme: fix display of 200% layouts on retina displays
+ VU meters: don't show clip indicators for not-soloed tracks [p=2485497]
# AU: enable delta solo via right-click on wet/dry knob
# MIDI editor: set to custom note view if loading note ordering/visibility with note names [p=2485142]
# MIDI note name loading: do not use ordering/visibility information when merging
# ReaXcomp: fix issue after resize [p=2485402]
# Render: fix saving brickwall limit level with render presets