REAPER v7.16rc1

v7.16rc1 - May 15 2024

* Includes feature branch: improved Windows display vs input event scheduling
* Includes feature branch: preferences resizing
* Includes feature branch: support position/length in samples in Item Properties
* Include feature branch: improved time signature marker editing behavior
* Includes feature branch: support adding image metadata to mp3 files in Media Explorer
* Includes feature branch: optionally prompt to adjust tempo of empty project when importing media
+ API: setting I_PERFFLAGS takes immediate effect for routing hierarchy
+ Actions: display potentially slightly more useful description of unknown or deprecated actions that are components of other custom actions
+ Audio Units: fix display of stepped parameter when minimum value is not zero [t=290386]
+ Automation: add preference for automation rate when interpolating between points for FX that support sample-accurate automation
+ Automation: apply automation frequency compatibility setting to parameter modulation as well as envelope automation
+ Batch converter: support writing project markers/regions to rendered file when converting from media item [t=290688]
+ Control surfaces: add option to close devices while rendering
+ Control surfaces: do not send feedback to open devices while rendering
+ Envelope manager: when ctrl+alt+clicking visible/arm/UI columns, treat as set-exclusive
+ Envelope manager: when setting envelope visible, auto-scroll arrange view to make it visible
+ Envelopes: preserve arm state when hiding/showing envelopes
+ Envelopes: when hiding single-point default-setting pre-FX/mute/etc track envelopes, deactivate according to user preference
+ Import: when importing media with embedded tempo information into an empty project, optionally prompt to adjust project tempo to media tempo
+ LV2: tweak worker scheduling in order to match other hosts [t=290406]
+ Lanes: copy source media take name to comping lane
+ Localization: localize default menu names when displaying customized menus
+ Localization: support Frame/Measure in grid/snap window
+ Localization: support localization of various key names
+ Localization: use synonyms when searching toolbar icon names
+ MIDI editor: add action to insert CC at edit cursor in current lane
+ MIDI editor: fix quantize with manual swing settings (7.15 regression) [t=290472]
+ MIDI editor: improve corner case behavior relating to right-drag marquee and context menus
+ MP3: fix importing files with long APE metadata tags [t=290751]
+ Media explorer: add list header context menu to move column to far left, support shift+click on column header to move to far left
+ Media explorer: cache/restore channel mapping for all source media that has the same channel count
+ Media explorer: improve resizing behavior on linux
+ Media explorer: label channel mapping button 'MIDI' for MIDI source media
+ Media explorer: support adding image metadata to .mp3 files
+ Media explorer: support deleting existing image metadata from mp3 files
+ Media explorer: support retaining separate channel mapping for each file, for each channel count, for all files, or not at all
+ Media explorer: when previewing stereo file with both source channels mapped to both output channels, import media with mono channel mode and +6dB take volume [p=2780410]
+ Media item properties: support displaying/entering item position and length in samples
+ Meters: fix 'LUFS-S (readout=current)' metering mode [t=290568]
+ Mixer: reduce CPU overhead with master track panel docked and hidden
+ Preferences: add maximum stretch marker handle size configuration
+ Preferences: allow resizing window, make some tabs support this usefully
+ Project: reset master track pan width when creating new project [t=290615]
+ Project: show indicator on ruler if project maximum length has been enabled
+ Razor edit: improve display responsiveness when zoomed in to a tiny part of a razor edit [t=290605]
+ ReaComp: improve behavior on threshold automation [p=2775220]
+ ReaControlMIDI: fix ReaScript and automation issues with Bank LSB parameter [t=289639]
+ ReaScript: GetUserFileNameForRead supports trailing slash in filename in order to set initial path only
+ ReaScript: add preference to copy error message to console when IDE is open
+ ReaScript: optimize MIDI API when modifying items with open MIDI editors
+ ReaScript: skip items on hidden lanes in GetItemFromPoint() [t=290496]
+ ReaXComp: improve behavior on threshold automation [p=2775220]
+ ReaXcomp: remove denormal noise from filters [p=2775795]
+ Record arm buttons: improve behavior of ctrl+alt click (exclusive-sets track and any grouped tracks)
+ Recording: fix $recpass being off by one [t=289805]
+ Region manager: when changing selection while filter is applied, clear selection of non-visible regions unless shift or ctrl key is down [t=290998]
+ Render: add option to preserve source start offset when rendering media items
+ Render: apply render fade-in/fade-out properly when using 2nd pass render
+ Render: if option enabled to preserve metadata, preserve existing BWF metadata and ignore BWF-related .wav configuration settings [p=2777573]
+ Render: support $marker[001], $region[001], etc to apply offset or number [t=290337] of digits to marker or region number
+ Render: when preserving metadata start offset, adjust for any take start offset [p=2777732]
+ Save as: when using trim media, fix incorrect handling of some reversed items [t=290394]
+ Searching: treat UTF-8 punctuation and certain symbols as non-word characters
+ Split: fix grouping after action to split item under mouse [t=290454]
+ TCP: add action to show/hide entire track control panel area [p=2776572]
+ TCP: add separate actions to toggle between TCP widths A and B (note: B is zero by default), or show/hide TCP area
+ Tempo envelope: fix positions of inserted points when pencil-drawing tempo envelope points and the envelope contains partial measures [t=290745]
+ Tempo map: improve behavior when editing time signature markers (do not move items, preserve later tempo/time sig marker times)
+ Tempo map: support a mixed timebase which uses beats for time signature markers and time for tempo markers
+ Theme: fix mixer strip floating arm button [p=2778232]
+ Theme: properly hide mixer volume knob if clipped away
+ Track panels: do not send mouse clicks to window when clicking causes control under mouse cursor to change [t=288032]
+ Undo: fix automatic record-arm inconsistency after undo [t=290347]
+ VST3: possible fix for possibly incorrect .vstpreset export [t=290322]
+ VST: fully fix support for mapping high MIDI buses to VST3 MIDI buses [t=284552]
+ Virtual MIDI Keyboard: add checkbox to send all keyboard input to VKB
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: improve evenness of key spacing
+ Windows: add preferences/plug-ins/disable FX windows during render [t=290801]
+ Windows: fix various issues when system temp path includes non-ASCII characters
+ Windows: improve behavior of hidden mouse cursor when tweaking TCP/MCP send/fx knobs
+ Windows: improve scheduling of display updates in response to input events
+ macOS: automatically disable Metal on macOS Sonoma, add option to re-enable if desired
# Actions: fix various split-at-mouse actions with respect to grouping
# Media explorer: fix applying both preview volume and channel mapper volume adjustment when dragging media into project from Media Explorer [p=2781064]
# Media item properties: use combo box instead of radio buttons for position/length units
# Normalize: revert 'normalize actions account for item volume knob setting'
# Preferences: fix resizing issues with mouse modifiers tab
# Tempo map: fix bugs in new mixed mode [p=2774806]
# Tempo map: fix more bugs in new mixed mode
# Tempo map: rename new mixed timebase
# VST3: fix support for more than 16 buses, once again
# Virtual MIDI keyboard: fix checkbox appearance
# Virtual MIDI keyboard: more dynamic control arrangement
# Virtual MIDI keyboard: simplify control arrangement
# Windows: include more mouse messages including wheel in updated scheduling