REAPER v7.16+dev0523

v7.16+dev0523 - May 23 2024

* Includes feature branch: RGB profile tweak
* Includes feature branch: improved UI for editing click pattern in metronome, time signature markers, and click source properties
* Includes feature branch: improvements to grid spacing and labeling with compound time signatures
* Includes feature branch: improved loudness peaks
* Includes feature branch: global preference to crossfade left, center, or right when splitting
* Includes feature branch: optionally display mouse position indicator line in arrange view
* Includes feature branch: changes to lane recording settings and behavior
* Includes feature branch: up-rank/down-rank takes and take markers
* Includes feature branch: additional localization options
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
+ Actions: update description of MIDI editor save action
+ Color theme: use previous default values as fallbacks for new marker/region theme elements if the theme does not define them [p=2784260]
+ Import: abort media import if user cancels tempo-match prompt
+ Import: do not prompt to tempo-match imported video or image files
+ Import: when dragging in media from media explorer with suggested tempo and user asks to adjust media, do so
+ Localization: support localizing modifier key names
+ Pin connector/channel mapping control: support mousewheel vertical scroll if the mouse is anywhere in the grid
+ Ruler: support beat grid, which marks every metronome click
+ Take markers: when adding take markers to media items in the comping lane, update the associated media items in the source lane, as well as any other comping lane items that are synced with that source item [p=2784514]
+ macOS: use generic RGB profile for internal drawing
# Envelopes: unselect all envelope points when clicking arrange option affects marquee mappings [p=2784437]
# Linux: fix displaying dialogs that contain new click pattern editor
# Ruler: fix beat labeling inconsistency if the project has a start measure of 0