REAPER v7.17rc2

v7.17rc2 - June 19 2024

* Includes feature branch: Default 7.0 theme adjuster inclusion
* Includes feature branch: render setting to preserve source media sample rate if possible
* Includes feature branch: improved loudness peaks
* Includes feature branch: global preference to crossfade left, center, or right when splitting
* Includes feature branch: changes to lane recording settings and behavior
* Includes feature branch: up-rank/down-rank takes and take markers
+ MIDI editor: add action to set measure grid
# Default theme: fix trackidx margin issue when theme is zipped
# Default theme: transport fixes
# Recording: fix undo after MIDI overdub recording [p=2790319]
# Render: update render dialog when enabling/disabling writing render statistics file
# Take markers: fix display of take markers that begin outside the left edge of the media item
# Theme adjuster: add mixer preferences box to theme adjuster
# Theme adjuster: better layout
# macOS: properly size _hidpi item favorite images on retina