REAPER v6.38+dev1025

v6.38+dev1025 - October 25 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ JSFX/Video Processors/ReaScript-EEL: produce parse error on unknown number suffixes or incomplete hexadecimal strings
+ JSFX: greater precision for $e and $phi
+ Media explorer: respect project option to preserve pitch when changing rate in new items when importing media via action with no rate adjustment set
+ Media explorer: update display after toggling favorite status
+ Media item lanes: actions to move razor edits up or down respect item lanes
+ Razor edit: add click-context mouse modifiers to move areas up or down without contents
+ Razor edits: separate options for moving envelope points with razor edits, moving envelope points with media items
+ Subprojects: write =START time to rendered file as BWF preferred start position
# Media item lanes: action to enclose media items with razor edit respects media item lanes if "move envelope points with media items and razor edits" is disabled
# Media item lanes: clean up last fixed lane after deleting items via razor edit
# Media item lanes: fix stretching MIDI items in lanes via razor edit
# Media item lanes: improve editing razor edit top/bottom edge behavior
# Media item lanes: improve razor edit selection behavior with fixed lanes