REAPER v6.39

v6.39 - October 29 2021

+ Automation: fix editing automation items for FX parameters with inverted range [p=2489968]
+ Command line: support both -template and filename arguments [t=258395]
+ FX browser: include more JSFX in Cockos category when not showing JSFX descriptions
+ JSFX: greater precision for $e and $phi
+ Linux: fix fullscreen behavior (6.37 regression) [t=258543]
+ Linux: improve main window fullscreen behavior for owned windows
+ Linux: make initial focus of various windows (e.g. performance meter) match that of macOS/Windows
+ Media explorer: add action to rename file
+ Media explorer: display metadata for .RPP (REAPER project) files
+ Media explorer: fix restarting playback from non-zero position when changing playback rate [p=2489305]
+ Media explorer: respect project option to preserve pitch when changing rate in new items when importing media via action with no rate adjustment set
+ Media explorer: update display after setting/unsetting files as favorites
+ Media explorer: improve restoring focus state when navigating folders
+ Metronome: add actions to set metronome speed to 1x, 2x, 4x
+ Metronome: support 2x or 4x click speed multiplier
+ Metronome: update click source peaks display when updating metronome settings or click source properties
+ MIDI: send all-sound-off messages in addition to all-notes-off
+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to adjust fade-in/fade-out curve with relative edge edit [t=258427]
+ Opus: update to opus-1.3.1, opusfile 0.12
+ Project: add title field in Project Settings/Info dialog, accessible to render, metadata, etc wildcards as $title
+ Project notes: support optional word wrap
+ Razor edits: fix occasional incorrect group selection edge highlight when razor editing
+ Razor edits: add preference to always trim content behind razor edits to Preferences/Project/Media Item Defaults
+ ReaControlMIDI: send all-sound-off messages when clicking all notes off button, show all-sound-off messages when logging all-notes-off
+ ReaPlugs: ReaSynth/ReaSynDr/ReaVoice/RS5k respond to all-sound-off messages
+ ReaScript: add MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent() for enumerating recent MIDI input events
+ ReaScript: deprecate GetSetProjectAuthor, use GetSetProjectInfo_String(PROJECT_AUTHOR) instead
+ ReaScript: add support for GetSetProjectInfo_String(RECORD_PATH_SECONDARY)
+ ReaScript: MIDI_SetAllEvts() allows setting program change/channel pressure with 3-byte encoding
+ ReaVerb: add Convolve mode to Channel Tool
+ ReaVerb: Channel Tool supports forcing the total channel count of impulse response
+ ReaVerb: support setting channel offset directly when adding an IR file item
+ ReaVerb: support drag/drop of impulse file into plugin
+ Render: improve support for non-ascii filename characters in HTML render statistics display
+ Routing windows: improve size/position of channel selection boxes [p=2491493]
+ Subprojects: write =START time to rendered file as BWF preferred start position
+ Theme: fix button margin issues with gen_ images and DPI scaling [p=2491894]
+ Theme: improve mixer meter positioning [t=258633]
+ Theme adjuster: fix macOS-arm64 retina drawing
+ Theme adjuster: improve usability on vertically-constrained displays [t=255162]
+ Track meters: exclude all-sound-off from MIDI activity indicators
+ Track meters: add option to measure LUFS on first two channels only
+ VST3: fix MIDI data passthrough [t=258648]
+ Web interface: improve non-Apple mobile-web-app-capable meta tags for various pages
+ Windows: fix drag and drop with experimental multimonitor aware v2 hidpi mode [t=258794]
+ Windows: ignore alt-key mouseup when using alt+mousewheel in arrange view [t=251477]
+ Windows: installer now always installs JSFX library