REAPER v7.18+dev0709

v7.18+dev0709 - July 9 2024

* Includes feature branch: more combinations of peak display modes
* Includes feature branch: Media Explorer time selection and grid improvements
* Includes feature branch: option for arrange view grid to follow metronome pattern
* Includes feature branch: fractional beats display option for ruler
* Includes feature branch: up to 4 different click types/samples in metronome
* Includes feature branch: RGB profile tweak
* Includes feature branch: improved UI for editing click pattern in metronome, time signature markers, and click source properties
* Includes feature branch: improvements to grid spacing and labeling with compound time signatures
* Includes feature branch: optionally display mouse position indicator line in arrange view
* Includes feature branch: additional localization options
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
+ Actions: add actions to move time selection/loop points start/end points to cursor (preserving length)
+ Fixed lanes: add preference for MIDI comping to create pooled copies or not
+ Monitoring FX: improve configuration state saving after window position/visibility changes
+ Peaks: improve drawing performance when moving items without any tempo changes
+ Peaks: support displaying spectral peaks and loudness graph at the same time
+ Peaks: support showing spectrogram and spectral peaks at the same time
+ Preferences: add some basic comping help text to Preferences / Editing Behavior / Fixed Lane Comping
+ Preferences: move fixed lane comping preferences to new Editing Behavior / Fixed Lane Comping page
+ Recording: do not extend recording to span time selection when recording 2 takes that do not overlap [p=2794382]
# Batch converter: fix converting with output channel count = input channel count [p=2794795]
# Media explorer: fix processing key shortcuts when preview waveform has focus [p=2794360]
# Media explorer: update display after clearing time selection with esc key
# Peaks: overhaul peaks display settings dialog to support new combination display modes