REAPER v6.40+dev1030

v6.40+dev1030 - October 30 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Media item lanes: support adding fixed item lanes via razor edit mouse drag
+ Media item lanes: support overlapping razor edits on a single FIPM or fixed lane track
+ Mouse modifiers: fix some actions to set default mouse modifiers
+ MusicXML: fix import of xml files with certain comments [t=259026]
+ Razor edit: add option in Preferences/Project/Media Item Defaults to overlap and crossfade when finalizing razor edits
+ Razor edit: rename "Move envelope points with razor edits" preference to "Razor edits affect all track envelopes"
+ Razor edit: scroll view to new cursor position after cut/copy/paste
+ Razor edit: suppress group selection edge highlight when razor editing
+ Razor edits: add preference to always trim content behind razor edits to Preferences/Project/Media Item Defaults
+ ReaScript: Envelope_GetParentTrack/Take always return index/index2 in Lua
+ ReaScript: GetEnvelopePointEx/GetEnvelopePoint/Envelope_Evaluate always return all output parameters in Lua
+ ReaScript: Lua functions do not type-check parameters which are output-only
+ ReaScript: ReaLimit supports Track/TakeFX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm for THRESHOLD, CEILING, TRUEPEAK
+ ReaScript: TimeMap_curFrameRate() always returns dropFrame in Lua
+ ReaScript: Track/TakeFX_GetPinMappings/IOSize always return all outputs in Lua
+ ReaScript: make output-only parameters optional in EEL2 when possible
+ Render: support normalizing/limiting video files
# Media item lanes: adjust razor edit display when edits change the number of lanes
# Media item lanes: fix lane arrangement when gluing items within time selection
# Media item lanes: fix lane arrangement when moving items to subproject
# Media item lanes: improve creating razor edits in lanes
# Media item lanes: preserve razor edit lane position after cut/copy/paste