REAPER v6.40+dev1101

v6.40+dev1101 - November 1 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Command line: support loading .RfxChain/.fxb/.fxp/.vstpreset files to new tracks
+ Drag and drop: support dragging files to undocked FX chain and mixer windows on macOS/Linux
+ Drag and drop: when dragging .RfxChain files from explorer, auto-create new tracks if necessary
+ Drag and drop: when dragging .RfxChain files from explorer, replace existing FX if alt key held
+ FX: support creating new VST instances via drag/drop of .fxp/.fxb/.vstpreset files (or loading by dragging into active FX in chain view)
+ JSFX: fix line clipping bug [t=217249]
+ Menus: when razor edits exist, enable actions that will operate on razor edit areas (cut, copy, delete, duplicate, etc)
+ Preferences: fix persistence of preference to reset MIDI pitch/CC on playback stop
+ ReaScript: increase size of task control prompt [t=259053]
# Media item lanes: adjust track lanes after consolidating media
# Media item lanes: collapse unused leading fixed lanes when initially setting track to fixed lane mode
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when moving razor edits across tracks with fixed lanes
# Media item lanes: improve razor edit selection over media item label area
# Render: fix video normalization