REAPER v6.40+dev1102

v6.40+dev1102 - November 2 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ FX: allow pasting of fxp/fxb/vstpreset/rfxchain files into chain window
+ FX: improve chain selection/focus when adding FX chains
+ MIDI hardware: per-output device setting to disable MIDI reset messages
+ ReaScript: improve ident strings for VST plug-ins (include VST2 and VST3 IDs)
+ VST3: keep full VST3 GUID in reaper-vstplugins.ini and reaper-vstshells.ini
# Embass: thank you for all of the screencaps :slight_smile:
# FX paste: when pasting preset files to arrange view, ignore mouse position
# Media item lanes: adjust lanes properly after cut/copy/paste
# Media item lanes: avoid unnecessary media item splits with overlapping razor edit areas
# Media item lanes: fix item lane arrangement when switching between FIPM and fixed lane mode
# Media item lanes: handle more razor edit cases
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when moving media items vertically [p=2493745]
# Project: fix tab order of project notes dialog when changing word wrap setting
# Render: fix extension for normalized video file