REAPER v6.40+dev1103

v6.40+dev1103 - November 3 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
# Media item lanes: fix stretching without adding stretch markers when overlapping razor edits exist
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when moving items from non-laned track to laned track
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when switching from free item positioning to fixed lanes with varying item heights
# Project bay: fix vst ident matching
# ReaScript: ReaLimit supports "RESET" as a Track/TakeFX_SetNamedConfigParm; update UI after setting parameters from ReaScript/API
# ReaScript: slightly improve AddFxByName logic
# VST: use legacy identifiers for plug-in default presets etc [p=2494025]
# macOS: fix launch of projects via finder