REAPER v6.40+dev1108

v6.40+dev1108 - November 8 2021

* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ CAF: add comment in source properties dialog if file was passed off to video decoder
+ CAF: display channel layout tag in media source properties
+ CAF: display metadata in source properties dialog even if file was passed off to video decoder
+ CAF: faster metadata reading for media explorer
+ Media item notes: individual items retain their notes window positions
+ Metadata: rename "Title" category to "General"
+ ReaScript: allow using MIDIEditor_GetSetting_str() to query event details from the MIDI list editor
+ Render: support embedding WAVFORMAT_EXTENSIBLE and CAF channel layout tags in render metadata
+ Render: support embedding and displaying ASWG metadata
+ Theme: Default theme image fixes resulting from volume label change
+ WAV: display WAVFORMAT_EXTENSIBLE channel mask in media source properties
# Media item lanes: more Embass fixups
# ReaScript: Track/TakeFX_AddByName allow incorrect full paths to VSTs, etc
# ReaScript: include full path to VSTs in GetNamedConfigParm("fx_ident")