REAPER v6.41rc1

v6.41rc1 - November 10 2021

+ Envelopes: describe take envelopes as "take envelopes" and not "item envelopes" in various actions, menus, and dialogs
+ JSFX: fix line clipping bug [t=217249]
+ Locking: improve behavior of toggle lock mode actions (auto-enable locking when enabling lock mode)
+ MIDI hardware: per-output device setting to disable MIDI reset messages
+ Master meter: fix rms/lufs drawing error with 0dB red threshold [p=2491792]
+ Menus: when razor edits exist, enable actions that will operate on razor edit areas (cut, copy, delete, duplicate, etc)
+ Metronome: fix click speed multiplier when many tempo changes exist [t=259441]
+ Mouse modifiers: fix some actions to set default mouse modifiers
+ MusicXML: fix import of xml files with certain comments [t=259026]
+ Notation editor: fix beaming pattern in 8/8 [t=259376]
+ Opus: fix multichannel regression in opusfile update in 6.39
+ Preferences: fix persistence of preference to reset MIDI pitch/CC on playback stop
+ ReaScript: allow using MIDIEditor_GetSetting_str() to query event details from the MIDI list editor
+ ReaScript: increase size of task control prompt [t=259053]
+ Subprojects: preserve ARA plugin state when moving tracks or items to subproject [t=259138]
+ Theme: Default theme image fixes resulting from volume label change
+ Theme: revert 6.39 changes to image margin scaling logic for DPI-scaling
# API: correct some api docs/signatures [p=2494260]
# Project: fix tab order of project notes dialog when changing word wrap setting
# macOS: fix launch of projects via finder