REAPER v6.41+dev1111

v6.41+dev1111 - November 11 2021

* Includes feature branch: Windows very long pathname support
* Includes feature branch: media explorer crossfades
* Includes feature branch: recording files wildcard support
* Includes feature branch: video render/convert normalization
* Includes feature branch: media item notes improvements
* Includes feature branch: .caf media format support
* Includes feature branch: ASWG metadata support
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Batch converter: support video normalization/limiting
+ Media items: items can have separate word wrap settings
+ Media items: word wrap text display within empty item if set, don't scale text below default size
+ Render: first tab of project metadata dialog lists only elements that are supported by multiple schemes, rather than every known element
+ Windows: support very long pathnames (note: for shell browsing/etc to work with these, the LongPathsEnabled registry key must be set)
# Media item lanes: fix display during edit in add-lane area with certain options enabled
# Media item lanes: fix some razor edit combining corner cases
# Media item lanes: some internal changes to razor edit handling