REAPER v6.42+dev1122

v6.42+dev1122 - November 22 2021

* Includes feature branch: optimized/parallelized peak building
* Includes feature branch: media explorer toolbar
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: JSFX internals overhaul/cleanup/modernization
* Includes feature branch: r8brain free samplerate conversion mode
* Includes feature branch: Windows very long pathname support
* Includes feature branch: media explorer crossfades
* Includes feature branch: recording files wildcard support
* Includes feature branch: video render/convert normalization
* Includes feature branch: media item notes improvements
* Includes feature branch: .caf media format support
* Includes feature branch: ASWG metadata support
+ Media explorer: action to show media properties will display properties for last selected item if there is no current preview media
+ Media explorer: add action to focus search field, control+ (or command+) F by default
+ Media explorer: add action to show/hide toolbar
+ Media explorer: support editing some metadata for .RPP files
+ Peak building: improve UI responsiveness while building peaks
+ Peak building: improve peak building speed using background thread
+ Peak building: parallelize building by using two threads (on systems with 4 or more cores)
+ Peaks: fix crash when using spectral peaks/spectrogram on a media file which is recording in another tab
+ Razor edits: don't allow overlapping razor edits on a single track when "razor edits affect all track envelopes" enabled
# Media explorer: add media properties, preserve pitch option, dock action to default toolbar
# Media explorer: left-justify toolbar buttons
# Media explorer: support moving toolbar from media explorer to floating
# Media explorer: tweak control auto-layout logic
# Media item lanes: fix behavior when pasting items across tracks with different numbers of lanes
# Media item lanes: fix extra lanes created when adding rendered files to project
# Media item lanes: fix razor edit stretch with multiple media item lanes [p=2499189]
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when moving items or razor edits on multiple lanes across tracks
# ReaScript: fix GetSetMediaItemInfo with F_FREEMODE_Y, F_FREEMODE_H