REAPER v6.43rc1

v6.43rc1 - December 12 2021

* Includes feature branch: Windows/Linux OpenGL video display output
* Includes feature branch: optimized/parallelized peak building
* Includes feature branch: r8brain free samplerate conversion mode
* Includes feature branch: media explorer crossfades
* Includes feature branch: recording files wildcard support
* Includes feature branch: video render/convert normalization
* Includes feature branch: media item notes improvements
* Includes feature branch: .caf media format support
* Includes feature branch: ASWG metadata support
+ .CAF: report correct decoded length in media properties dialog
+ .CAF: when using video decoder, pass through metadata requests (bpm, etc) to .caf metadata reader
+ ARA: update SDK to version 2.00, with ARM support
+ Actions list: add "open" as a synonym for "display", "view", "show"
+ Actions window: when adding/editing key bindings, put binding at front of list
+ Batch converter: include more types of metadata when "preserve metadata" enabled
+ Batch converter: retain column widths when reopening
+ Batch converter: support video normalization/limiting
+ Batch converter: when adding new metadata while preserving existing metadata, only override fields that are specifically provided by the user
+ CAF: add comment in source properties dialog if file was passed off to video decoder
+ CAF: attempt to decode apparent Logic-created metadata [p=2495870]
+ CAF: display channel layout tag in media source properties
+ CAF: display metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer
+ CAF: display metadata in source properties dialog even if file was passed off to video decoder
+ CAF: faster metadata reading for media explorer
+ CAF: support embedding metadata, tempo, channel configuration when rendering
+ CAF: support embedding project markers/regions when rendering
+ CAF: support reading/importing embedded markers/regions
+ CAF: support reading/rendering .caf (Core Audio Format) media files
+ Command line: support loading .RfxChain/.fxb/.fxp/.vstpreset files to new tracks
+ Command line: support normalizing and brickwall limiting from command line interface
+ Drag and drop: support dragging files to undocked FX chain and mixer windows on macOS/Linux
+ Drag and drop: when dragging .RfxChain files from explorer, auto-create new tracks if necessary
+ Drag and drop: when dragging .RfxChain files from explorer, replace existing FX if alt key held
+ FLAC: support decoding additional sample bit depths [t=260418]
+ FX: allow pasting of fxp/fxb/vstpreset/rfxchain files into chain window
+ FX: improve chain selection/focus when adding FX chains
+ FX: support creating new VST instances via drag/drop of .fxp/.fxb/.vstpreset files (or loading by dragging into active FX in chain view)
+ JSFX/ReaScript: add an optional line width (thickness) parameter to gfx_line()
+ JSFX/Video Processors/ReaScript-EEL: produce parse error on unknown number suffixes or incomplete hexadecimal strings
+ JSFX: fix get/set_pin_mapping() behavior for non-x86 systems [p=2502320]
+ JSFX: fix win32 issue with older non-Intel processors [t=260251]
+ Keyboard: improve special-key binding mode focus behavior on macOS/Linux
+ LV2: fix loading of plug-ins that have duplicate rdf seeAlso links [t=260628]
+ LV2: make .ttl parsing more laterally compliant
+ Linux: fix moving non-native plug-in windows from docked to undocked FX chains, etc
+ Linux: improve handling of numeric keypad control key shortcuts (note: may require manually re-binding non-keypad control key shortcuts, which were previously improperly encoded)
+ Media explorer: add action to focus search field, control+ (or command+) F by default
+ Media explorer: add action to reset preview pitch
+ Media explorer: add configurable crossfade
+ Media explorer: add option to read file metadata if not already cached when searching file folders
+ Media explorer: add pitch/rate knob context menu options to Media Explorer main options menu
+ Media explorer: always search in enabled metadata fields regardless of whether searching a database or file folder
+ Media explorer: display metadata for files during search, even if searching in metadata is disabled
+ Media explorer: fix menu checkbox for option to show path dropdown box
+ Media explorer: fix possible crash after updating peak volume [p=2501213]
+ Media explorer: force browser to refresh after completing search [t=250169]
+ Media explorer: support editing some metadata for .RPP files
+ Media explorer: when dragging media into project, respect media explorer setting to preserve pitch when changing rate or tempo-matching
+ Media item notes: individual items retain their notes window positions
+ Media item notes: multiple notes windows can be open at the same time
+ Media item notes: notes window can remain open while focus is elsewhere
+ Media items: action to open item notes acts on all selected media items, closes notes windows if they are already open
+ Media items: items can have separate word wrap settings
+ Media items: support resizing item notes window
+ Media items: support word wrap in media item notes
+ Media items: word wrap text display within empty item if set, don't scale text below default size
+ Menus: preserve consistent keyboard shortcut display when multiple shortcuts assigned [p=2503236]
+ Metadata: include link to specification for various schemes on file metadata dialog
+ Metadata: internal code changes
+ Metadata: rename "Title" category to "Main"
+ Metadata: support displaying and embedding BEXT version 2 metadata
+ Metadata: support more ASWG fields
+ Metadata: support renaming presets
+ Metadata: support sorting project metadata dialog by description, value, or key
+ Notation editor: snap to key when inserting note at mouse cursor [p=2442885]
+ Peak building: improve UI responsiveness while building peaks
+ Peak building: improve peak building speed using background thread
+ Peak building: parallelize building by using two threads (on systems with 4 or more cores)
+ Peaks: fix crash when using spectral peaks/spectrogram on a media file which is recording in another tab
+ Performance: avoid destroying send windows while locked when removing tracks
+ Project bay: fix creating folder in automation items tab [t=260389]
+ Project save: improve validation of saved project size to potentially fix a Google Drive behavior
+ Projects: hold shift to open recent project in new project tab
+ Projects: word wrap enabled by default in new projects for project notes and item notes
+ Razor edit: add option in Preferences/Project/Media Item Defaults to overlap and crossfade when finalizing razor edits
+ Razor edit: rename "Move envelope points with razor edits" preference to "Razor edits affect all track envelopes"
+ Razor edit: scroll view to new cursor position after cut/copy/paste
+ Razor edits: add preference to always trim content behind razor edits to Preferences/Project/Media Item Defaults
+ Razor edits: don't allow overlapping razor edits on a single track when "razor edits affect all track envelopes" enabled
+ Razor edits: fix behavior when auto-creating new tracks during razor edit [p=2500877]
+ Razor edits: fix fade drawing glitch when media items and razor edits are offscreen left [p=2500861]
+ Razor edits: fix minor memory leak when gluing media items within razor edit areas
+ Razor edits: separate options for moving envelope points with razor edits, moving envelope points with media items
+ ReaScript: Envelope_GetParentTrack/Take always return index/index2 in Lua
+ ReaScript: GetEnvelopePointEx/GetEnvelopePoint/Envelope_Evaluate always return all output parameters in Lua
+ ReaScript: Lua functions do not type-check parameters which are output-only
+ ReaScript: ReaLimit supports Track/TakeFX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm for THRESHOLD, CEILING, TRUEPEAK
+ ReaScript: TimeMap_curFrameRate() always returns dropFrame in Lua
+ ReaScript: Track/TakeFX_GetPinMappings/IOSize always return all outputs in Lua
+ ReaScript: improve ident strings for VST plug-ins (include VST2 and VST3 IDs)
+ ReaScript: make output-only parameters optional in EEL2 when possible
+ ReaScript: save/load script and "P_EXT:" extension data for the master track [t=260501]
+ ReaSurroundPan: add 9.1.4 speaker setup
+ Region/marker manager: improve import of regions in H:M:S:F format [t=259999]
+ Render: add option to automatically write peak/loudness statistics into rendered file metadata
+ Render: first tab of project metadata dialog lists only elements that are supported by multiple schemes, rather than every known element
+ Render: handle resampler latency properly at end of file when applying dither or using secondary render format
+ Render: include support for more CAF channel layout metadata
+ Render: support embedding WAVFORMAT_EXTENSIBLE and CAF channel layout tags in render metadata
+ Render: support embedding and displaying ASWG metadata
+ Render: support embedding some common multichannel formats via WAVFORMATEXTENSIBLE [t=233072]
+ Render: support normalizing video when rendering regions
+ Render: support normalizing/limiting video files
+ Routing: correct help text to clarify that take FX can receive audio from any take channel, but not track channels
+ Ruler: increase tick mark resolution to prevent potential skipped gridlines when using 1/32 triplets
+ Samplerate conversion: add r8brain free mode (thanks to Aleksey Vaneev of Voxengo)
+ Samplerate conversion: reorder and rename various modes
+ Scrub: improve ballistics
+ Scrub: improve samplerate conversion quality, other behaviors
+ Tracks: label track playback offset setting as media playback offset [t=256466]
+ VST3: keep full VST3 GUID in reaper-vstplugins.ini and reaper-vstshells.ini
+ VST: hide and allow re-scan of shell-plugin instances which previously failed to scan
+ Varispeed: improve quality
+ Video: add OpenGL display output support for Windows and Linux
+ Video: add input_match() and input_matchi() helpers for video processors
+ Video: improve synchronization behavior with output display offset and project varispeed [p=2503128]
+ WAV: display WAVFORMAT_EXTENSIBLE channel mask in media source properties
+ WAV: display wave_ext channel assignments in media source properties dialog, if available
+ Wildcards: support start time, tempo, time signature wildcards in recording, glue, consolidating
+ Windows: catch more cases where disk writes fail due to disk error/full
+ Windows: fix assigning key bindings for some keyboard layouts/extended keys [t=232318]
+ Windows: support global overrides for media keyboard keys
+ Windows: support separate key bindings for NumPad Home/End/etc (falling back to non-NumPad bindings)
+ Windows: workaround wine bug with NM_CUSTOMDRAW on checkboxes (includes actual check in CDDS_PREPAINT)
+ Zoom: add preference to center vertical zoom on top of view (does not scroll), remove preference to center on top visible track (which scrolls)
+ macOS: fix dark mode default behavior on Monterey [p=2500400]
+ macOS: fix possible crash on exit when previously failed to load VST3
+ macOS: fix video display issues when retina is disabled in preferences [t=259180]
+ macOS: improve cross-OS up/down/home/end key mapping compatibility
+ macOS: improve handling of numpad enter key
+ macOS: improve keyboard behavior in nudge window
+ macOS: improve keyboard shortcut descriptions in menus for various keys [t=254046]
+ macOS: improve video colorspace conversion support on arm64
# .CAF: adjust VLC decoder timing based on .caf metadata
# .CAF: adjust ffmpeg start time and length for aac-encoded files
# .CAF: hopefully fix decoding of initial packet when using ffmpeg
# .CAF: report calculated BPM metadata for some types of .caf files
# Batch converter: respect checkbox to add new metadata
# CAF: report which decoder was able to handle the file in source properties dialog
# CAF: video decoder will try to load .caf/.caff files if the native wav decoder fails (e.g. AAC-compressed files)
# CAF: when decoding AAC using AVFoundation decoder, adjust total media length based on .caf metadata
# FX paste: when pasting preset files to arrange view, ignore mouse position
# Global hotkeys: do not use fallbacks from numpad-home to home (etc) these must be explicitly defined
# JSFX: disallow duplicate trailing decimal points on numbers, will break old ambisonic toolkit plug-ins but their latest release fixes
# JSFX: validate trackidx input to export_buffer_to_project, prevent out of range values from making flags ignored
# Media item lanes: fix potential display glitch [p=2502031]
# Media item notes: set focus to text box when opening dialog
# Metadata: fix embedding ASWG in .flac files
# Metadata: fix reading BWF preferred position when it is zero
# Project bay: fix vst ident matching
# ReaScript: ReaLimit supports "RESET" as a Track/TakeFX_SetNamedConfigParm; update UI after setting parameters from ReaScript/API
# ReaScript: Track/TakeFX_AddByName allow incorrect full paths to VSTs, etc
# ReaScript: clear master track and master track envelope extended state when clearing project
# ReaScript: include full path to VSTs in GetNamedConfigParm("fx_ident")
# ReaScript: slightly improve AddFxByName logic
# Render: add more ASWG metadata support
# Render: change implementation of video normalization
# Render: display correct render statistics when normalizing/limiting video
# Render: fix extension for normalized video file
# Render: fix video normalization
# Render: handle limiting audio for video renders regardless of master fx bypass state
# Render: re-enable brickwall limiting for video
# VST: fix recent FX matching for new ident strings [p=2497358]
# VST: use legacy identifiers for plug-in default presets etc [p=2494025]
# Video: fix macOS multimonitor retina issue
# Wildcards: allow $start, $tempo, $timesignature wildcards when consolidating or gluing but not for recorded files (because files may be created before they are recorded to)
# macOS: allow up/down/left/right/pageup/pagedown in menus (previously disabled in 2009 to avoid default behaviors)
# macOS: build a universal binary dmg of REAPER for arm64/x86_64
# macOS: discontinue standalone arm64 and clang-x86_64 builds
# macOS: fix notarization of universal build
# macOS: improve navigation key behavior in certain textfields
# macOS: remove spaces/slashes from info.plist version [t=259988]
# project settings: fix resample mdoe selection
# r8brain: fix incorrect output at end of multichannel rendered files
# r8brain: improve quality in varispeed modes
# r8brain: optimize lookahead calculation, might fix reported issues (maybe)
# r8brain: reduce excessive lookahead
# r8brain: small tweaks to lookahead calculation