REAPER v6.43+dev1222

v6.43+dev1222 - December 22 2021

* Includes feature branch: user-defined action overhaul
* Includes feature branch: media item normalization
* Includes feature branch: media explorer toolbar
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: JSFX internals overhaul/cleanup/modernization
* Includes feature branch: Windows very long pathname support
+ Actions window: improve performance with very large numbers of actions
+ Actions: add "erase" as a default synonym for delete/clear/remove
+ Actions: improve system performance with large numbers of custom actions
+ Actions: increase maximum number of custom action/reascripts
+ Custom actions: improve performance of action editor with large numbers of custom actions/reascripts
+ Import: add cancel button to multiple media item import dialog
+ MIDI: handle splits and edge adjustments properly when MIDI items span partial measures [t=260847]
+ Media items: add support for various loudness measurements (LUFS, etc) when normalizing media items
+ Projects: on new project without saved project settings, set recording/render format to 24-bit wav
+ ReaEQ: add Parallel Band Pass filter mode [t=231105]
+ ReaSynth: fix extra sine oscillator when portamento is used [t=253793]
+ ReaSynth: fix stuck note when portamento is used in certain instances
+ Render: internal simplifications
+ VST: scan %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\Common\VST3 on Windows
+ Windows: update progress bars more frequently in general
+ macOS: add option to use macOS QoS for thread priorities
+ macOS: improve appearance of various windows when in dark mode
+ macOS: use SCHED_FIFO for realtime threads
# Media explorer: remove ex_properties_for_current_media toolbar icon, add ex_properties_for_current_media_on and ex_properties_for_current_media_off
# Media item lanes: improve behavior when moving razor edits from laned tracks through non-laned tracks
# Preferences: when loading a project that was saved with "show overlapping media items in lanes" enabled, automatically set "offset overlapping media items vertically"