REAPER v6.45+dev0112

v6.45+dev0112 - January 12 2022

* Includes feature branch: FX chain oversampling
* Includes feature branch: render internals simplification/cleanup
* Includes feature branch: user-defined action overhaul
* Includes feature branch: media explorer toolbar
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Automation: fix potential bad envelope evaluation when "bypass envelopes outside of automation items" enabled [t=240584]
+ Render: add checkbox to only normalize files that are too loud [t=261667]
+ macOS: run worker threads more aggressively if Time Critical priority is set
# Actions: update arrange view after running action to reload MIDI track data
# MIDI: add action to reload track support data to all MIDI context action lists
# Media item lanes: fix vertical lane move with ripple edit enabled
# OSC: fix loading of OSC/action bindings [p=2515309]