REAPER v6.47

v6.47 - February 11 2022

+ Actions: improve performance with large numbers of custom actions
+ Actions: increase maximum number of custom actions/reascripts
+ Actions: improve sizing behavior of actions window with langpack-adjusted button sizes
+ CPU metering: add option (FX chain and performance meter menus) to view CPU utilization as 1.0c = one core fully utilized
+ Envelopes: do not select following envelope point when deleting via mouse click [t=262564]
+ Glue: improve handling of fades that overlap with other items [p=2519694]
+ JSFX: fix Volume Adjustment plugin smoothing the first playback block [p=2521345]
+ macOS: improve performance of bridged plug-ins
+ macOS: refresh various controls when switching to/from dark mode [p=2517137]
+ macOS: run media/anticipative FX worker threads in realtime/audio workgroup if Time Critical priority is set (may be useful for M1 Pro CPUs)
+ macOS: fix Cmd+A in metadata edit, explorer, and track manager fields
+ Markers: fix importing markers from .csv when marker names contain quotation marks [p=2524419]
+ Media explorer: add customizable toolbar
+ Media explorer: move "insert media", "auto-play", "start on bar" controls to default toolbar
+ Media explorer: actions to tempo match half-speed or double-speed act as toggles
+ Media explorer: action to show media properties will display properties for last selected item if there is no current preview media
+ Media explorer: add action to show/hide toolbar
+ Media explorer: add optional media information box
+ Media item properties: double-click always resets take volume to unity or pan to center
+ Media item properties: prevent normalize button from creating multiple windows
+ Media items: add action to calculate loudness of selected items not including FX or track settings
+ Media items: don't display render window VU meters when calculating loudness of selected items via dry run render
+ Menus/Toolbars: replace Save/Close buttons with OK/Cancel/Apply
+ Metadata: support encoding of very long/complex metadata strings in projects [p=2522469]
+ MIDI: handle splits and edge adjustments properly when MIDI items span partial measures [t=260847]
+ MIDI editor: move edit cursor on actions to navigate to previous/next note
+ MIDI editor: improve non-synchronized playback behavior when changing project tempo
+ MIDI learn: revert to pre-6.37 behavior of allowing targeting non-visible FX parameters [t=260737]
+ Notation editor: fix scrub mouse mapping [t=218135]
+ Playback: disable monitor signal fade-out on stop when preferences are configured to play FX tails on stop
+ Project bay: fix display of shell VST3 plug-ins loaded by UID16 [t=262265]
+ Razor edits: display envelope value when editing, in addition to % change [t=262983]
+ Razor edits: fix inadvertently setting envelope point shape to linear on toggle envelopes [p=2525258]
+ ReaScript: add midi_init() which allows re-initialization of single MIDI devices
+ ReaScript: improve GetMediaFileMetadata() support for long strings
+ ReaScript: MIDI_GetEvt/Note/CC/TextSysexEvt with negative event index now return false
+ ReaScript: support longer input to GetSetProjectInfo_String("RENDER_METADATA") [p=2521173]
+ Render: add checkbox to only normalize files that are too loud [t=261667]
+ Render: add menu items (under render dialog stats button) to change which render statistics are displayed
+ Render: allow trailing spaces in directory names on macOS/Linux [t=262788]
+ Render: fix reset of normalization mode/channel count when undoing certain actions (6.43 regression) [t=262585]
+ Render: preserve very long metadata when rendering [p=2524169]
+ Resampling: fix incorrect processing at end of item in r8brain free mode [t=262303]
+ Theme: improve display of 4 digit track numbers when using default theme
+ Undo: fix undo of markers edited in ripple all and various nudge actions [t=262028]
+ Video: add project_timeoffs variable
+ Video: fix incorrect restart of peaks building when editing project during peaks build [t=262058]
+ Video: improve text overlay preset (can also display timecode, add fit background to text parameter, change defaults)
+ Volume readouts: better distinguish between values very close to 0dB and 0dB exactly
+ WALTER: add trackidx (0 is master, 1 is first track, <0 is unknown/invalid), ntracks (<0 if invalid) for track contexts
+ Windows: fix signing of 32-bit executables and include git revision in win32 build
+ Windows: prevent opening multiple "set media item playback rate" dialogs
+ Windows: output usage help to stdout (if available) as well as displaying in a popup window