REAPER v6.54+dev0421

v6.54+dev0421 - April 21 2022

* Includes feature branch: improved HTML render statistics
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: polyphase synthesis timestretching mode
* Includes feature branch: video decoding/encoding via Windows Media Foundation
* Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension
* Includes feature branch: display options for recent projects list
* Includes feature branch: media explorer user-defined tags
+ ARA: potentially restore support for ARA in older versions of Melodyne
+ DDP: allow enabling dither when rendering, correct help text [t=265581]
+ FX: hide chain until FX are added (6.54 addition) is ignored if the Add-FX window is already visible [t=265693]
+ Razor edits: fix moving envelope areas across tracks that do not contain a matching FX parameter or send envelope [t=265671]
+ Recording: fix MIDI overdub recording potentially being affected by immediately following recording [t=252884]
+ Render: automatically resize render statistics charts to fit browser window
+ Render: fix issues with peaks and dither when channel counts are conformed by output (e.g. CD, DDP)
+ Render: graph maximum rather than average loudness per pixel in HTML render statistics chart
+ Render: rename render window "stats" button to "stats/charts"
+ macOS: add gen_vol*_dark and gen_pan*_dark theme elements for macOS dark mode
# Render: display RMS-M max in HTML charts
# Timestretch: rename polyphase synthesis stretcher to Rrreeeaaa, add some help text
# Video: fix decoding mono source media when using WMF