REAPER v6.57

v6.57 - May 7 2022

+ Appearance: add separate preferences for drawing labels above media items, and hiding media item labels, at specific media item heights
+ Appearance: do not draw media item labels above the item if the item would be smaller than the label
+ Drag and drop: improve preview display when dragging to insert-new-track area [t=266091]
+ Drawing: improve drawing performance with thousands of very small items (6.54 performance regression) [t=266082]
+ FX: zero out PDC-compensated FX delay samples [t=265883]
+ FX: show combined oversample rate in chain view when both chain and instance oversampling are used
+ FX browser: allow removing LV2-created categories [t=265322]
+ lv2: support URL encoded filesystem specifications [t=265942]
+ macOS: add gen_vol*_dark and gen_pan*_dark theme elements for macOS dark mode [p=2549269]
+ macOS: fix horizontal mouse drag on mixer send controls [t=266121]
+ Media explorer: do not try to copy directories via drag/drop [t=265174]
+ Media items: actions to activate previous/next/etc take do not affect locked media items
+ Media items: allow opening and editing per-take FX on locked media items, but not alt/opt+click to delete all FX
+ Media items: allow vertical autoscroll when moving/copying items using certain customized mouse modifiers [p=2551896]
+ Media items: fix take marker display with certain zoom settings [t=266231]
+ Media items: improve interaction between item height preferences when using free item positioning [p=2552306]
+ MIDI editor: improve behavior of mouse modifier to delete all touched notes when moving the mouse quickly
+ MIDI editor: support loading raw sysex from file in sysex edit window
+ MIDI editor: use fixed-width font for sysex edit window
+ Notation editor: improve positioning of accidentals in chords [t=265378]
+ Opus: ensure all samples are flushed to file when rendering at sample rates other than 48k
+ Peaks: fix various sample-level view glitches [t=213166]
+ Performance: reduce realtime CPU use when repositioning edit cursor with playback stopped [t=265983]
+ Performance: improve recovery from media buffering underruns when using heavy per-item processing
+ Preferences: include more information/help in video decoder details window
+ Razor edits: fix editing bug when razor edit contains MIDI items in project with timebase time and partial measures [p=2554747]
+ Razor edits: simplify display of pre-edited razor edit areas [p=2552009]
+ Razor edits: add mouse modifiers to move areas disabling or temporarily enabling ripple edit
+ Razor edits: fix mouse-position-dependent snapping [t=265343]
+ ReaScript: increase precision of razor edit start/end position as returned by GetSetMediaTrackInfo("P_RAZOREDITS") [t=266177]
+ Recent projects: add option to display customized project title (set in Project Settings/Notes) in recent projects menu and prompt [t=225274]
+ Recent projects: add option to display either file part or full path in list
+ Render: fix issues with peaks and dither when channel counts are conformed by output (e.g. multichannel forced to stereo by CD or DDP render)
+ Render: respect option to add rendered files to project when preference enabled to return to render settings window after render [t=266061]
+ Render: support rendering to mp3 (as primary or secondary output) when processing at sample rates higher than 48k
+ Render: when rendering selected regions, if no regions are selected, render all regions
+ Render: improve error message details
+ Theme: add theme elements for inactive takes, applied separately from elements for muted/not-soloed tracks/items
+ Timestretch: add new Rrreeaaa (polyphase synthesis) stretching mode, useful for artistic stretches
+ Undo: improve undo behavior for actions/scripts that did not previously set the correct undo flags
+ Video: support native decoding and rendering of .wma, .wmv, and mpeg-4 audio/video via Windows Media Foundation
+ Video: support embedding FLAC audio in WMF-encoded MP4/M4V (Windows 10 and later)
+ Video: improve performance when using video-only or audio-only media
+ Video: support encoding audio-only or video-only files with ffmpeg
+ Video: update Grid of Videos preset
+ Video: deprecate DirectShow video decode mode, must be manually re-enabled in preferences
+ VST3: clear all parameter info on kParamTitlesChanged [t=265989]
+ WALTER: allow specifying mcp.extmixer and master.mcp.extmixer to front command