REAPER v6.29rc1

v6.29rc1 - May 6 2021

* Includes feature branch: custom metadata columns in Media Explorer
* Includes feature branch: razor envelope editing
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurroundPan
+ API: GetSetProjectInfo_String() supports TRACK_GROUP_NAME
+ API: fix typo in documentation of IReaperUIEmbedInterface [p=2438620]
+ API: run hookpostcommand2 hooks for reascripts and custom actions
+ Actions: rename "Envelope: Clear envelope" to "Envelope: Clear or remove envelope"
+ Automation items: action to create new automation item uses razor edit areas if they exist
+ Envelopes: add context menu item to envelope control panel to remove envelope
+ FX: fix monitoring window persistence when using new undo point option [t=252896]
+ FX: improve embedded FX update frequency when mouse-editing
+ Media explorer: fix re-sorting randomized file list after running action to set file as favorite [p=2437642]
+ Media explorer: fix searching after renaming file
+ Media explorer: refresh display after resetting column order to default
+ Media explorer: support adding additional metadata display columns
+ Media items: when mouse-moving selected area of grouped items, group the remaining right-hand side of items separately from the left-hand side, for consistency with cut/paste behavior
+ Notation editor: fix key snapping on first beat of local key signature change [t=221385]
+ Notation editor: improve edit cursor position rounding when using snap to samplerate
+ Project metadata: disallow spaces in IXML element identifiers
+ Razor edit: add mouse modifier to expand or compress envelope range
+ Razor edit: add razor edit envelope editing behaviors
+ Razor edit: ensure that pasted media items remain grouped and pasted automation items remain pooled across tracks
+ Razor edit: fix media item display after pasting razor edit area and zooming [t=252759]
+ Razor edit: skip hidden envelope lanes when marquee-creating razor edit areas with "move envelope points with razor edits" disabled
+ Razor edit: when editing or cutting, group the remaining right-hand side of items separately from the left-hand side [p=2439372]
+ Razor edit: when mouse-copying items, create new groups if necessary
+ ReaSccript: ReaSurround2 supports FX named config parm "RESETCHANNELS"
+ ReaScript: Support "NUMCHANNELS" and "NUMSPEAKERS" for ReaSurround2 via Track/TakeFX_SetNamedConfigParm
+ ReaScript: for ReaSurround2, FX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm("SPEAKERS") will interpret a value like "6S" as 6-channel surround, "8I" as 8-channel ITU, "12A" as 12-channel Auro, etc
+ ReaScript: implement TrackFX_GetNamedConfigParm for ReaSurround2 NUMSPEAKERS and NUMCHANNELS
+ ReaSurround2: add actions to display ReaSurround2 embedded in TCP or MCP
+ ReaSurround2: add button to reset all input channels to the associated output channel
+ ReaSurround2: add checkbox to force routing input channel 4 to LFE
+ ReaSurround2: add link and 1D edit buttons to embedded view when space allows
+ ReaSurround2: add option for anchor channel to return to center after mouse edit
+ ReaSurround2: add quadraphonic SMPTE setup
+ ReaSurround2: add support for Auro-3D setups
+ ReaSurround2: add support for axis linking (forcing edits to a particular shape on the z-axis)
+ ReaSurround2: anchor channel can be edited via controller but does not record automation
+ ReaSurround2: double-clicking an input resets it to center left or center right if there is no center speaker
+ ReaSurround2: draw center/side speakers fainter when center/side percent mix is less than 100%
+ ReaSurround2: link button affects input gain/LFE/divergence controls
+ ReaSurround2: maintain relative edits when editing multiple inputs and some are limited by the edge of the room
+ ReaSurround2: per-input channel LFE gain is independent of per-input channel gain
+ ReaSurround2: support locking custom user speaker setups
+ ReaSurround2: support manual editing of channel and speaker parameters
+ ReaSurround2: support per-channel delay
+ ReaSurround: draw ghost input that allows mouse editing of all inputs at once
+ ReaSurroundPan: rename ReaSurround2 (if you have run an earlier +dev build, the new name will not appear until the plugin is re-scanned)
+ ReaSurroundPan: support entering channel position angles
+ ReaSurroundPan: support entering position/angles for user speaker setups
+ Ruler: add option to display region name when region start is offscreen
+ Ruler: add option to hide region number if region is named
+ Spectral edits: fix issue with playback starting after item loop [t=252747]
+ Spectral edits: improve performance with large numbers of spectral edits
+ Theme: add razor_env, razor_env_l, razor_env_r cursors
+ Track FX parameters: fix visual display of knobs when parameter min/max is reversed
+ VST3: actually support third-party embeddable UIs via IReaperUIEmbedInterface interface [t=252907]
+ Video: improve default ordering of 2x2 matrix preset [t=252286]
# Media explorer: add note to Add Metadata Column dialog about repopulating data [p=2439867]
# Razor edit: add edge points when initiating envelope expand/compress behaviors
# Razor edit: display tooltip when editing envelopes
# Razor edit: improve hit testing interaction between envelopes and razor edit edges
# Razor edit: restrict envelope editing behaviors to envelopes in lanes
# ReaScript: ReaSurround2 supports "LFE" (enable) or "!LFE" (disable) as a parameter to the named config parm "RESETCHANNELS"
# ReaSurround2: 7.1.2 overhead speakers are not affected by side % parameter
# ReaSurround2: Z shape parameter does not write automation
# ReaSurround2: add actions to insert surround tracks in various configurations with mono input
# ReaSurround2: add ceiling axis linking
# ReaSurround2: add checkbox to respect/ignore channel XYZ flip settings
# ReaSurround2: add pan law dropdown
# ReaSurround2: add sticky wall option (experimental, like most of this)
# ReaSurround2: anchor edit always returns after edit
# ReaSurround2: attempt to support both up=right for controllers and up=left for track envelopes
# ReaSurround2: better handling of existing recorded automation when changing channel or speaker count
# ReaSurround2: channel locking is saved when closing the plugin
# ReaSurround2: channel position information remains displayed after edit is complete
# ReaSurround2: controller-mappable anchor X/Y/Z parameters are renamed scene X/Y/Z, a value for scene X of -100 means the entire scene is against the left wall, +100 means against the right wall, etc
# ReaSurround2: dome axis linking is flat outside of the unit sphere in box configurations
# ReaSurround2: don't deselect input channels when double-clicking speakers
# ReaSurround2: don't display channel selection when link enabled
# ReaSurround2: don't process dummy channels in quadraphonic SMPTE setup
# ReaSurround2: double-clicking an input returns it to its associated speaker position
# ReaSurround2: draw shadows in 3D view
# ReaSurround2: draw shadows under inputs in top view
# ReaSurround2: entering specific parameter values affects all selected/linked channels in a relative rather than absolute way
# ReaSurround2: experimental internal handling of panning in circular and Auro setups
# ReaSurround2: fix LFE gain for inputs channels greater than 1
# ReaSurround2: fix Z-axis automation range
# ReaSurround2: fix audio artifact with center % slider at zero
# ReaSurround2: fix automation feedback for delay time
# ReaSurround2: fix automation notifications when plugin UI is closed
# ReaSurround2: fix bleed from ceiling inputs into floor speakers in complex setups
# ReaSurround2: fix double-clicking speakers to set selected channel position
# ReaSurround2: fix edit plane in some 3D views
# ReaSurround2: fix inputs jumping in 3D view after alt+mouse edit
# ReaSurround2: fix jumpy edit when limited to edge of room
# ReaSurround2: fix overdraw of pan law button
# ReaSurround2: fix relative edit of multiple channels when manually entering gain/LFE values
# ReaSurround2: fix save/load/undo
# ReaSurround2: fix speaker influence in 7.1.2 setup
# ReaSurround2: fix sticky wall setting sticking to 1D edit setting
# ReaSurround2: fix updating channel/speaker list with high channel counts
# ReaSurround2: fix various edit behaviors when using axis linking
# ReaSurround2: fix wobble of anchor and various things
# ReaSurround2: if the scene position has ever been set, display its position
# ReaSurround2: ignore automation notifications while channel count is changing
# ReaSurround2: improve behavior of center top speaker in Auro setups
# ReaSurround2: improve behavior when anchor return disabled
# ReaSurround2: improve behavior when automating delay time
# ReaSurround2: improve handling of center/side % controls
# ReaSurround2: improve handling of width and towards-speaker edits
# ReaSurround2: increase size of 3D view slightly
# ReaSurround2: initialize new speakers to their associated speaker positions
# ReaSurround2: internal changes to automation handling
# ReaSurround2: internal changes to panning calculations
# ReaSurround2: internal changes to state save/load, previously saved projects will be reset on load
# ReaSurround2: less strict mouse hit testing in embedded view
# ReaSurround2: manually entering parameter values affects all selected or linked inputs
# ReaSurround2: mono input resets to front center position
# ReaSurround2: more adjustments to default ITU speaker setups
# ReaSurround2: more consistent speaker positioning and naming
# ReaSurround2: more sensitivity at lower end of delay fader
# ReaSurround2: never report scene XYZ parameter as last touched while mid-edit
# ReaSurround2: optionally clamp edits to circular space when using ITU speaker setup
# ReaSurround2: panning toward a wall/ceiling with no speakers has no effect
# ReaSurround2: prevent scene x/y/z from being reported as last touched parameter
# ReaSurround2: remove anchor input display (the exact same mouse edits can be accomplished by moving any input with "edit all" enabled; anchor still exists as a controllable parameter)
# ReaSurround2: remove embedded control buttons
# ReaSurround2: remove single-axis 3D rotation buttons
# ReaSurround2: remove sticky walls setting for now
# ReaSurround2: rename diffusion to divergence
# ReaSurround2: replace link checkbox with edit all/edit selected radio buttons
# ReaSurround2: restore option to return anchor to center after edit
# ReaSurround2: scene x/y/z controller parameter respects edit selected/edit all buttons
# ReaSurround2: send z-axis automation when disabling z shape parameter
# ReaSurround2: set undo points when changing non-automatable state
# ReaSurround2: show visual representation of Z shape parameter
# ReaSurround2: solo has precedence over mute
# ReaSurround2: support automating Z-axis shape
# ReaSurround2: support automating anchor position independently of input channel positions
# ReaSurround2: support manual editing of center and side % parameters
# ReaSurround2: support manually entering XYZ channel position
# ReaSurround2: update manual entry settings when changing channel selection
# ReaSurround2: update overhead speaker positions in ITU setups
# ReaSurround2: write z-axis automation when using axis linking
# ReaSurround: improve behavior when initiating delay
# ReaSurround: more ITU speaker positioning adjustments
# ReaSurround: override default speaker setup when inserting ReaSurround via action
# ReaSurround: shift+drag edits on one axis only
# ReaSurroundPan: adjust position of surround speakers in 5.1 ITU
# ReaSurroundPan: display fractional position
# ReaSurroundPan: don't commit typed-in numbers until a digit is entered
# ReaSurroundPan: don't reset touch automation while mouse-editing inputs, even if the mouse is stationary for a while
# ReaSurroundPan: fix potentially incorrect pan calculation with some user speaker arrangements
# ReaSurroundPan: fix potentially incorrect pan calculations in certain situations
# ReaSurroundPan: improve readability of channel numbers when positioned against walls
# ReaSurroundPan: in user speaker setups, hide speaker numbers when speakers are locked
# ReaSurroundPan: prevent UI refresh flooding
# ReaSurroundPan: reverse direction of rotate edits
# ReaSurroundPan: update display less aggressively on Windows Slack

VST3: actually support third-party embeddable UIs via IReaperUIEmbedInterface interface




哈哈,是我表达不好,新插件 ReaSurround2 应该要出了。