REAPER v6.59+dev0531

v6.59+dev0531 - May 31 2022

* Includes feature branch: fixed lane play markers
* Includes feature branch: pre-FX/pre-fader output recording
* Includes feature branch: improve experimental silent-track CPU reduction option to include FX tail length
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension
+ Crossfade editor: improve grouped item editing behavior with editor open [t=266599]
+ FX: allow resizing FX windows beyond screen size on Windows
+ Media item fixed lanes: add import option to add media on fixed lanes on a single track
+ Media item fixed lanes: if a lane is soloed, new recording goes into that lane
+ Render: improve speed of offline render with muted/unsoloed tracks [t=267271]
+ Render: slight memory use reduction when rendering using resampling
+ VST: move more of PDC buffer initialization to playback start
+ Video: improve WMF decoding compatibility [t=267260]
+ Video: optimize opening of extra pooled audio decoders (do not try decode modes which previously failed)
+ Video: validate WMF-decoded audio at file-open time, fallback to other decoders if unavailable
# FX: better handle PDC buffers when using auto-bypass
# Media item fixed lanes: fix inserting lane play marker at time zero via razor edit
# Media item fixed lanes: improve display and editing of lane play markers when track is not so tall
# Media item fixed lanes: support stretching razor edits that include lane play markers
# Media item fixed lanes: update edit cursor, time selection display after action to set loop points to lane play markers
# Preferences: disable controls in Seeking when their parent option is disabled