REAPER v6.62

v6.62 - July 1 2022

+ Actions window: update shortcut list when editing an existing shortcut
+ Automation: improve behavior when using write mode auto-reset at loop/end of project [t=268217]
+ Batch converter: when preserving existing metadata, also attempt to convert to metadata schemes the target file format can accept [t=267540]
+ FX: clearer description in FX I/O context menu of whether plug-in delay is compensated or not [t=267823]
+ FX: improve parameter link behavior (midi CC and loading project, or linking with invalid parameters) [t=250096]
+ FX: ensure FX parameter modulation/linking are preserved after undo after loading FX chains via external drag/drop [t=267697]
+ Linux: auto-apply values entered into JSFX text fields
+ Linux: fix support for Shift+Space
+ Linux: improve submenu activation usability [t=267864]
+ macOS/Linux: cleanup internal thread management, avoid potentially incorrect pthread_join calls
+ Media explorer: add support for column width/order presets (in column header right-click menu)
+ Media explorer: add actions to load column presets
+ Normalization: prevent media from going offline during normalization even if user switches focus away from REAPER [t=268059]
+ Notation editor: fix occasional missing naturals [t=267973]
+ Pan: fix UI glitches when changing pan mode [p=2572042]
+ Project markers: add menu item to select marker in Region/Marker Manager; display selected markers slightly differently in ruler
+ Razor edits: fix trim action when multiple razor edits exist on the same media item or automation item [t=267402]
+ Razor edits: fix editing when partial measures exist in project [p=2572470]
+ ReaControlMIDI: fix incorrect parsing of leading 0s as octal [t=266904]
+ ReaEQ: avoid tiny and unmeasureable changes to configuration state on load/save [t=268198]
+ ReaEQ: improve realtime performance immediately following configuration load
+ ReaVerb: add text to indicate which file to browse for when deconvolving on macOS [t=267881]
+ Render: add support for rendering between project markers
+ Render: improve speed of offline render with muted/unsoloed tracks [t=267271]
+ Render: save/restore tail length with render presets [t=264018]
+ Spectral edits: add mouse modifier to create new edits
+ VST: fix sample accurate parameter changes with bridged VST3 plug-ins
+ VST: round VST2 VstTimeInfo::samplePos to nearest sample [t=268181]
+ WAV: allow writing FP with extensible multichannel speaker configuration
+ WAV: when writing non-PCM files, include extension size to conform to spec and prevent SOX from warning
+ Windows: avoid creating filenames that start with a space character [t=267882]
+ Windows: improve behavior of space bar in edit controls (including plugin-created controls)
+ Windows: improve alt-key behavior relating to menu activation