REAPER v6.64rc1

v6.64rc1 - July 10 2022

* Includes feature branch: render fade-in/fade-out
* Includes feature branch: media explorer loudness calculation
* Includes feature branch: render statistics improvements
+ Batch converter: allow window to be resized to a smaller minimum height
+ GIF: fix memory leak when decoding files that have per-frame color maps
+ GIF: fix reduce memory use when decoding gif files with many frames
+ Help menu: sort documentation menu by filename [t=268485]
+ JSFX: set undo point after calling set_pinmapper_flags()
+ JSFX: sstillwell/randomizer supports 90-style note-offs [p=2575240]
+ JSFX: support automating and undo for user mix volume sliders in channel mapper [t=266268]
+ Master track: fix loudness meter readout tooltip
+ Media explorer: add loudness column, populate peak volume and loudness after running action to calculate loudness
+ Media explorer: add option to normalize preview volume to -12LU if loudness has been calculated
+ Media explorer: add separate actions to calculate peak volume, loudness, or dry run statistics
+ Media explorer: support calculating loudness of media
+ Media explorer: when normalizing preview volume for loudness, adjust playback volume for mono media because preview is stereo
+ Normalization: respect take channel mode when normalizing media items to target loudness [t=268290]
+ ReaScript: add CalcMediaSrcLoudness function
+ Region manager: sort take markers in project time order
+ Region manager: support selecting marker/region by name by typing in list view [t=268219]
+ Render: add menu item/action to display HTML render statistics with file paths hidden [t=268031]
+ Render: display RMS-RA (RMS-based dynamic range) measurement when LRA (LUFS-based dynamic range) is not calculated
+ Render: display project title and author in HTML render statistics, if they are set
+ Render: re-enable bounds dropdown if needed after loading render preset [t=268430]
+ Render: simplify loudness statistic preferences
+ Render: slight improvement in render statistics calculation CPU usage
+ Render: support fade-in/fade-out
+ Render: support fade-in/fade-out shapes
+ Theme: improve rounding for knob stacks [p=2575187]
+ Wave64: fix writing of floating point Wave64 files that lack channel ordering information (6.62 regression)
# Media explorer: improve speed of loudness calculation
# Render: apply fade-in/fade-out correctly for all fade shapes
# Render: fix LUFS-I display when rendering multiple regions [t=267627]
# Render: preserve brickwall setting with render preset even if not enabled
# Render: support fractional milliseconds in render fade settings
# Theme: use truncation for knob slice selection when stack has an even number of slices [p=2575984]