REAPER v6.66rc1

v6.66rc1 - August 15 2022

* Includes feature branch: .SD2/PCM/RAW file support
+ FX: fix UI glitches when showing offline FX in chain view (6.65 regression) [p=2586072]
+ Linux: improve behavior of listview clicks to listview images and manager fields
+ Linux: improve listview column alignment to match other platforms
+ MIDI: fix hung notes in replace recording [t=269470] [t=255728]
+ Master VU: fix RMS stereo loudness readout when RMS window length has been customized
+ Media: attempt to import files with .L or .R extension as raw PCM audio
+ Notation editor: fix various drawing glitches [t=269232]
+ Notation editor: improve hit testing of dynamics/custom notation [t=269376]
+ PCM/RAW files: support decoding 32 and 64-bit floating point audio
+ PCM: support importing .pcm, drag-importing .raw audio files
+ Preferences: move media/video and media/import preferences to separate pages
+ Project settings: fix enabling/disabling pan law gain compensation in project settings advanced tab [p=2586016]
+ RAW/PCM/SD2: When importing raw PCM audio with best-guess audio parameters, warn with instructions about how to fix incorrect playback
+ Render: fix applying render fades when project start time is negative and also applying brickwall limiter [t=269619]
+ Render: fix filename auto-increment matching non-numeric characters [t=269586]
+ Routing/grouping matrix: improve appearance of folder expand/collapse icons
+ SD2/PCM/RAW: add button to source properties dialog to create/opening audio attributes file
+ SD2: support reading/playing back/converting .sd2 and other raw audio files, with limited support for specifying audio attributes (see .sd2 source properties)
+ SD2: when loading file on macOS, copy resource fork to plain file "mediafile.sd2.rsrc" for portability to non-macOS systems
# Automation items: fix paste sometimes targeting the wrong envelope [p=2586675]
# SD2/PCM/RAW: add some help to source properties dialog
# SD2: fix decoding stereo-to-mono
# SD2: fix endianness display in media source properties
# linux: fix stupid crash [p=2586391]

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