REAPER v6.67rc1

v6.67rc1 - September 3 2022

* Includes feature branch: specify channel counts per-region in region render matrix
+ Actions: add action to build selected item peaks if necessary
+ Batch converter: add dropdown to choose how many CPU cores to use
+ Custom action editor: allow very long action names to display when window is resized large [t=270195]
+ FX CPU Metering: improve full accounting of CPU use (from oversampling, bypass envelope, etc)
+ Filenames: allow more than 10,000 similarly named filenames to be generated
+ Glue: ensure per-take FX are reinitialized prior to glue [t=269131]
+ JSFX: allow reading #dbg_desc from [t=270068]
+ JSFX: fix timing of MIDI Arpeggiator [t=269926]
+ Linux: fix doubleclick in track area going to correct context [t=269854]
+ Localization: add a few missing localized strings [p=2586604]
+ Localization: fix langpack definition for new media import page help text
+ Localization: improve appearance of envelope window with width scaling [t=270191]
+ Localization: improve auto-sizing/scaling for controls embedded in various file open/save dialogs [p=2589871]
+ Localization: improve control auto-resizing on Windows when used with dialog scaling [t=269228]
+ Localization: improve macOS handling of strings that have a key prefix for Windows [p=2585852]
+ Localization: support media explorer size units
+ MIDI: add action for retroactive record
+ MIDI: add action to insert all available retroactively recorded MIDI
+ MIDI: fix incorrect ordering of certain notes in MIDI_GetRecentInputEvent
+ MIDI: improve MIDI replace recording corner cases
+ Media explorer: enable metadata editing menu items for .aif [t=270084]
+ Media explorer: fix incoherent file size display for certain sizes [p=2591068]
+ Peak building: avoid full peakbuild rescan when inserting media etc
+ Peak building: optimize for very large projects [t=266953]
+ Performance meter: option to show FX CPU as worst-block (for diagnosing problematic realtime plug-ins)
+ Performance meter: show track media item CPU use
+ Project bay: add option to disable similar FX grouping in FX tab
+ Project bay: add option to show track numbers in track column
+ Project bay: add performance column to FX tab
+ Project bay: avoid extraneous metadata cache flushing
+ Project bay: default new folders to expanded
+ Project bay: display idle status for FX when applicable
+ Project bay: preserve selection when changing FX online/bypass, presets
+ Project metadata: support sorting list by category
+ Razor edits: fix media item mouse modifier to extend razor edits to item [p=2585455]
+ ReaScript IDE: improve handling of maximize state/docking/etc [t=269228]
+ ReaSurroundPan: fix influence of height speakers in Auro 11.1 and 13.1 setups
+ Region manager: add option to add/remove child tracks to render list when adding/removing parent
+ Region manager: disable option to display track dropdown list nested by folder, by default
+ Region manager: support sorting by "Info" column
+ Region manager: when not displaying track dropdown list nested by folder, indent tracks in folders
+ Region render matrix: recalculate scrollbar size/position when expanding/collapsing tracks or when region names change [t=270076]
+ Region render matrix: support selecting regions (for rendering selected regions) via click on region number or context menu
+ Render matrix: simplify context menu
+ Render matrix: support forcing tracks/regions to render as multichannel
+ Render: add button to display rendered file in Media Explorer
+ Render: don't automatically replace .mp4 extension when setting video or audio encoder to "none" [t=269863]
+ Render: fix embedding markers when rendering selected media items and project has customized start offset [t=270010]
+ Render: support forcing individual track+region combinations to mono or stereo render by right-clicking in region render matrix
+ Routing matrix: improve appearance with very long region names [t=269963]
+ Routing/Grouping/Render Matrix: remove "view mode" options from context menu, because dropdown is always available
+ Routing/grouping matrix: improve appearance of folder expand/collapse icons
+ SD2/PCM/RAW: support reading preferred file position from resource (after importing .sd2 file, run "move to media source preferred position" to move imported files to their position in the original project)
+ Spectral edits: fix hit testing of the bottom edge of the last channel [t=269951]
+ Spectral edits: increase the size of edge/corner hit test regions slightly
+ User prompts: use OK/Cancel for various proceed/cancel prompts rather than Yes/No [t=251472]
+ VST3: fix VST2 to VST3 state conversion
+ VST3: fix VST2-VST3 mapping for plug-ins with non-alphanumeric characters in their names [t=269523]
+ VST: avoid crashing reaper when a bridged VST3 crashes [t=270087]
+ VST: do not show default preset name of 'Program 1' for plug-ins that do not have multiple programs
+ VST: fix incorrect parameter changes being sent to bridged VST3 in certain instances
+ VST: improve locking behavior when loading presets [t=269869]
+ Video: fix re-enabling DirectShow media reading on Windows using dshow_depr [t=269473]
+ Video: fix video FX when applied to MIDI files that have a playrate greater than 1.0 specified [t=269925]
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: highlight notes being played by armed track inputs
+ WMF: use .m4a extension when rendering audio-only MPEG-4 files
+ Windows: fix shortcut creation for DX plug-ins [t=270111]
+ macOS: improve mouse hit testing/cursor testing consistency on retina displays/subpixel input devices
# Localization: fix bug in macOS prefix filtering
# MIDI retroactive record: add multiple takes if playback was looped
# MIDI: add action to clear retroactive history
# MIDI: add retroactive record actions for selected tracks only
# MIDI: fix incorrect note ordering in retroactive record [p=2583519]
# MIDI: fix retroactive control quirks with multiple tracks armed
# MIDI: fix retroactive record length limit when stopped
# MIDI: rename recent retroactively recorded MIDI action
# MIDI: retroactive only affects tracks set to input recording
# MIDI: retroactive record actions only affect tracks that are not hidden from the TCP
# MIDI: retroactive record does not input quantize when events were recorded during stop/etc
# MIDI: retroactive record note-interesting threshold is now 1 while stopped
# MIDI: retroactive record overdubs into existing items if in replace/touch-replace modes
# MIDI: retroactive record threshold is a single note during playback, 2 notes when stopped
# MIDI: retroactive record tracks notes/CCs/pitch across loop iterations
# MIDI: retroactive record treats CCs as interesting if they occur during playback
# MIDI: retroactive record when looped and overdub is enabled will overdub all passes into item
# MIDI: retroactive record will obey overdub for events recorded while stopped
# MIDI: retroactive record will overdub into existing fully-overlapped item if in overdub mode
# MIDI: retroactive record with overdub for stopped events inserts at edit cursor
# MIDI: round retroactively recorded MIDI up to measure length
# Performance meter: show FX CPU summed when in new max-block mode (summed max-block doesn't make sense in most cases)
# Project bay: fix FX idle indications when PDC is involved
# Project bay: permit sorting FX by CPU use
# Project bay: support sorting FX list by status/idle
# Region render matrix: fix crash on random right-click outside of matrix
# Render matrix: change .RPP encoding of new render matrix force-channel setting; projects using the setting that were saved in +dev0721 may change the setting on load
# Render matrix: restore support for adding/removing selected tracks from render list
# VKB: use the same indicator for externally-played notes to vkb-played notes
# cpu metering: new option for peak (worse-case) CPU use displays 1.0! rather than 1.0x