REAPER v6.69

v6.69 - October 24 2022

+ API: add support for GetSetProjectInfo_String("RENDER_TARGETS_EX"), which returns the list double-null separated ("RENDER_TARGETS" is semicolon-separated)
+ Batch converter: fix support for <METADATA <TAG when using -batchconvert from command line
+ Fades/crossfades: limit automatically created fade length to half the width of the arrange view rather than 50 pixels
+ FX: Improve handling of stepped parameters when displayed in TCP/mixer [p=2593196]
+ Loopback device: allow configuring up to 512 channels of loopback via rearoute_loopback= key in reaper.ini
+ Media explorer: fix Windows UTF-8 issues with path combo box text [t=270328]
+ Media explorer: if media does not contain embedded tempo, display tempo implied by media or selection length
+ Media explorer: shift+mousewheel horizontally scrolls waveform preview when zoomed in (shift+drag hand-scrolls)
+ Media import: add option to copy media to project directory on paste of items/tracks [p=2600753]
+ MIDI: fix incorrect start time on retroactive record [t=270558]
+ Notation editor: fix caption for "Enter Text" dialog
+ Pan: fix linear-taper mode when gain compensation applied and pan law is not +0dB [t=271230]
+ Preferences: move import-related options from Media to Media/Import
+ Project settings: add configuration for default track channel count, parent send channel count
+ Razor edit: fix deleting razor edit areas with ripple-all-tracks enabled [p=2599415]
+ ReaEQ: improve analyzer update when automating/modulating global gain [t=271038]
+ ReaFIR: improve subtract mode behavior with very quiet noise profiles [t=271555]
+ ReaFIR: fix analysis quality when in 'reduce artifacts' mode
+ ReaFIR: correct input vs output analysis gain offset
+ ReaPlugs: improve spectrum analyzer smoothing to ensure that local peaks are accurately displayed
+ ReaScript: drag/drop from FX browser to gfx windows will send filenames of @fx:fx_ident to gfx.getdropfile() [t=271052]
+ ReaScript: fix return value for CalcMediaSrcLoudness()
+ ReaScript: fix TrackFX_AddByName with only VST2-UID specified
+ Region/Marker Manager: add option to display take markers that are outside the visible part of the media item [t=271487] [t=271732]
+ Render: add option to write outfile.render_stats.html for each rendered file [t=263705]
+ Render: support rendering stems pre-fader from render dialog
+ Routing: allow arbitrary channel counts for parent send [t=270441]
+ Video: fix gfx_fillrect() alpha channel writing corner case [t=270611]
+ VST: hold down control/command key during startup to suppress scanning new/updated VST plugins