REAPER v6.29+dev0608

v6.29+dev0608 - June 8 2021

* Includes feature branch: render normalization
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
* Includes feature branch: EEL2 x86_64/SSE
* Includes feature branch: VST3 bridging
+ Master track: support LUFS-M metering
+ ReaScript: GetSetProjectInfoString(project, "RENDER_METADATA", "", false) will return a list of all defined project metadata identifiers [t=254407]
+ ReaScript: support running a caller-specified action before returning render statistics (see API help for details)
+ Render: add actions to calculate loudness of master mix via dry run render
# API: make GetItemFromPoint consistent with internal hit testing [p=2451995]
# JSFX loudness meter: expose current LUFS-M/I/S and LRA values as parameters for script accessibility/etc
# JSFX loudness meter: expose true peak and RMS readings as parameters
# JSFX: don't display partially-calculated LUFS
# JSFX: fix initial layout of loudness meter when not processing FX on stop
# Media items: increase vertical offset of overlapping items, don't draw overlapping items opaque by default
# ReaScript: slightly change the output of GetSetProjectInfo_String("RENDER_STATS") for consistency and futureproofing
# VST3: require ModuleEntry on linux