REAPER v6.72

v6.72 - December 19 2022

+ Actions: add action to view envelopes for last touched track/item
+ Actions: deselect unaffected items when running action to split items [p=2578578]
+ Actions: improve description of action to force item spectrogram display [t=253641]
+ API: add FX NamedConfigParm chain_oversample_shift, chain_pdc_mode, instance_oversample_shift, force_auto_bypass
+ ARA: verify that pitch/tempo analysis is available before querying [t=272818]
+ Automation items: fix behavior of action to split items without changing selection
+ Batch converter: support multi-mono conversion, to split stereo or multichannel audio to multiple mono output files
+ Batch converter: support $chid wildcard, replaced by channel number or description (C, L, R, LFE, etc)
+ Batch converter: when splitting multichannel audio, append .c1, .c2, etc to output filenames unless $chid wildcard is supplied
+ CLAP: quantize stepped parameters before updating plugin [t=273794]
+ Custom actions editor: improve support for very long action names on Windows
+ Free item positioning: allow editing FIPM position and height for multiple selected/grouped items at once
+ FX: add additional descriptions to auto-bypass-related compatibility settings
+ FX: chain window options for FX instance oversampling always show/apply for selected FX
+ FX: rename per-plugin-instance auto-bypass option to 'Force auto-bypass'
+ FX: slight reorganization of chain window menu
+ Grouping: support track media/razor edit groups, including leader/follower groups
+ Grouping: add and modify track media/razor edit groups via grouping matrix, track group manager, and track group settings dialog
+ Grouping: media item edits on group-leader tracks will affect media items on all group-follower tracks, as if the media items were grouped
+ Grouping: actions that split selected media items respect track edit grouping regardless of media item length/overlap
+ Grouping: razor edits on group-leader tracks will be mirrored on all group-follower tracks
+ Grouping: don't open "grouping for selected tracks" dialog if no tracks are selected
+ Grouping: enable "selecting one item selects group" by default for new projects
+ Grouping: fix media item deselection with regular item groups [p=2579153] [p=2576299]
+ Grouping: increase size of media item group display border
+ Grouping: allow edge editing of offscreen grouped items
+ Grouping: mouse-copy affects grouped items regardless of item selection
+ Grouping: mouse modifier to toggle item selection respects grouping when selecting or deselecting [t=259823]
+ Grouping: right-click in grouping matrix opens group settings dialog for already-selected tracks, rather than auto-selecting tracks
+ Grouping: when setting/unsetting free item positioning, also modify grouped tracks
+ Grouping: prevent editing item if any grouped item is locked
+ Grouping: when "automatically group selected tracks for media/razor editing" and "mouse click/edit in arrange view changes track selection" both enabled, clicking on selected track will not deselect other tracks
+ Grouping: add actions and toolbar/TCP context menu options to automatically group all tracks, or selected tracks, for media/razor editing
+ Grouping: add actions to create track media/razor editing group from selected tracks, or remove selected tracks from group
+ Grouping: add actions to enable/disable individual track groups
+ Grouping: add buttons to track group settings dialog to open track group manager and grouping matrix
+ Grouping: add razor edit left-click mouse modifier to remove one area ignoring track grouping
+ Grouping: add theme element for auto-grouped track indicators
+ Grouping: support customizing track group colors
+ Grouping matrix: add option to show/hide flags in matrix
+ JSFX: fix potential editor crash when switching tabs
+ Localization: add some missing menu/toolbar names to language pack template [p=2614276]
+ Master VU: fix RMS stereo loudness readout when RMS window length has been customized
+ Media explorer: fix possible noise at end of time selection playback [t=273221]
+ Media items: add preference to arrange overlapping media items in the order they were created [t=273275]
+ Media items: double-click on item volume knob affects all selected items
+ Media items: fix free item positioning resize behavior [p=2623729]
+ Mouse modifiers: add left-click modifiers to select item and move edit cursor ignoring grouping
+ Mouse modifiers: add media item left-click modifier to toggle item selection ignoring grouping [t=259823]
+ Mouse modifiers: set default media item shift+alt (shift+opt) click behavior to create razor edit area (useful when using track media/razor edit grouping)
+ Mouse modifiers: adjust item contents and left or right edge affect all selected/grouped items with edges that align
+ Mouse modifiers: edit item fade-in/fade-out with relative edge grouping only affects selected items, not grouped items (same behavior as item edge editing)
+ Normalize: remove arbitrary +60dB ceiling on normalization adjustment when rendering or batch converting [t=273878]
+ Notation editor: fix custom note notation action description [p=2600993]
+ Peaks building: fix potential spectral peaks calculation crash on memory allocation failure [t=273846]
+ Razor edits: fix editing with ripple-all-tracks enabled [p=2624525]
+ Razor edits: fix some behaviors with "ripple-all affects tempo envelope" enabled [p=2624873]
+ Razor edits: fix behavior when moving razor edits on similar envelopes on contiguous tracks [p=2623833]
+ Razor edits: support razor edits on master track envelopes (except tempo envelope)
+ ReaScript: allow passing small integer values as KbdSectionInfo parameter to APIs as shorthand to access section by ID [p=2619501]
+ ReaScript: improve GetActionShortcutDesc Lua signature [p=2619708]
+ ReaScript: improve JSFX name matching in TrackFX_AddByName() [p=2621360] [p=2622666]
+ ReaScript: support GetSetTrackGroupMembership() with "MEDIA_EDIT_LEAD" and "MEDIA_EDIT_FOLLOW"
+ Region/Marker Manager: fix display glitch when resizing
+ Region manager: when not displaying track dropdown list nested by folder, indent tracks in folders
+ Render: fix minor memory leak after rendering
+ Render: large WAV file behavior for new users defaults to auto wav/RF64 rather than auto wav/wave64
+ Routing/Grouping/Render matrix: dynamically adjust margins to fit text
+ Routing/Grouping/Render matrix: improve appearance of folder expand/collapse icons
+ Routing diagram: fix some hardware input/output UI quirks
+ Routing diagram: increase width of UI in response to localization
+ Tooltips: fix incorrect channel labels for mono-sourced sends/hardware outputs [t=273656]
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: always select row on click
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: only open dropdown lists and dialogs on double-click
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: support resetting custom colors to default
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: support setting items to random colors
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: decrease margins for ease of use when docked
+ Track/Region/Group Managers: prevent re-sorting list while editing
+ Track Group Manager: add menu actions to add/remove selected tracks (note, action is incompatible with option to select tracks when selecting group)
+ Track Group Manager: add option to display track dropdown list nested by folders
+ Track Group Manager: add columns to show/hide groups in TCP and mixer
+ Track Group Manager: add option to add/remove child tracks when adding/removing folder track to group
+ Track Manager: add column to display track group membership, double-click to open track group settings dialog
+ Track Manager: add column to expand/collapse folders
+ Track Manager: add option to show/hide/group child tracks when showing/hiding/grouping folder track
+ Transport: use time signature when estimating tempo from time selection for tooltip
+ Video: increase maximum parameter count to 40
+ Video: support scrollbar for processor knob bank
+ Video: use hidpi/retina drawing for processor knobs
+ VST: fix VST2-to-VST3 state migration
+ VST: remove VST3 input bus silenceFlags support (added in 6.71) due to poor plug-in support (REAPER feature to auto-bypass on silence is unaffected) [t=273788] [t=273802]