REAPER v6.73+dev1219

v6.73+dev1219 - December 19 2022

* Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Dynamic split: respect track edit grouping when splitting grouped items
+ FX: for VSTs that support gain-reduction reporting, allow embed UI for this meter
+ Grouping: fix items on the same track being treated as grouped for edge edits [p=2625098]
+ IDEs: improve international keyboard support on Windows
+ JSFX: add mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle()
+ JSFX: support EEL2 preprocessing
+ JSFX: update Super8, channel mixer to use preprocessor
+ Master VU: fix setting red threshold dB [t=270710]
+ Media items: add option to preview grouped item selection on mouseover or marquee selection
+ Razor edits: improve behavior when "overlap and crossfade media when finalizing razor edits" enabled [p=2623951]
+ ReaScript/EEL: add mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle()
+ ReaScript: EEL2 supports preprocessor to generate code <? printf("code;"); ?>, _suppress can be set to prevent compilation of sections of code
+ ReaScript: improve gfx.getchar() international keyboard support
+ Render: display render statistics as list view in render progress window
+ Video: add get_host_placement()
+ Video: support EEL2 preprocessing
# JSFX: fix gaps in UIs [p=2621429]
# Razor edit: fix incorrect lane move when editing multiple razor edits [p=2623754]