REAPER v6.74rc1

v6.74rc1 - January 30 2023

* Includes feature branch: mouse modifier small ID action binding fix
* Includes feature branch: VST3 re-map of parameter IDs due to restartComponent
* Includes feature branch: AU parameter list change notification support
* Includes feature branch: routing matrix/track wiring input activity indicators
* Includes feature branch: VST3 per-channel silence reporting compatibility option
* Includes feature branch: better .RfxChain media explorer and clipboard integration
* Includes feature branch: ReaReaRea timestretch mode
* Includes feature branch: JSFX new features and EEL2 preprocessor
* Includes feature branch: render dialog statistics display improvements
+ API: add midi editor play cursor preview override API for playtime
+ API: avoid performance issues due to SWS flooding with dozens of calls to RefreshToolbar() regularly
+ API: improve performance of SetMouseModifier()
+ Accessibility: improve descriptions of ReaEQ/ReaPitch/ReaDelay enabled buttons
+ Accessibility: improve ordering of controls in GetUserInputs() API
+ Accessibility: set description for FX active (bypass) checkbox
+ Action list: add join/heal as default synonyms
+ Actions window: update toggle states in response to actions [t=247947]
+ Actions window: when sorting by command ID, sort by identifier string [t=275016]
+ Actions: add during/while as default synonyms
+ Actions: add play/stop (move edit cursor on stop)
+ Actions: fix action to duplicate items not respecting group disable setting [t=272939]
+ Actions: improve description of glue items action to match menu [t=275171]
+ Appearance: higher-contrast default ibeam (time selection) cursor
+ Audio Units: fixed parameter unit name on bridged plug-ins
+ Audio Units: respond to kAudioUnitProperty_ParameterList to update parameter list at plug-in request
+ Audio Units: support custom string displays for parameters [p=2456294]
+ Audio Units: when bridged detect tail time changes
+ CLAP: fix default path list on Windows [t=274405]
+ CLAP: support text_to_value to improve manual editing of envelope point parameters
+ Defaults: change snap-to-nearby-media-items to by default only snap to items on the same track as the current item
+ Dynamic split: respect track edit grouping when splitting grouped items
+ FX chain window: improve list focus behavior when renaming instance
+ FX: add menu item to cut FX including automation
+ Filtering: fix matching of accented characters at start of search filter
+ Filtering: support matching latin 1 extended A characters when searching for unaccented characters
+ Freeze: when freezing to mono/stereo, preserve audio sidechain receives [t=275106]
+ Freeze: when freezing, preserve MIDI-only receives [t=275106]
+ Group manager: fix redundant refreshes
+ Grouping: reset automatic track grouping to default when creating new project
+ IDE/gfx.getchar: more international keyboard support tweaks for Windows (will probably break things)
+ IDE: improve home-key behavior (thanks Giorgos Vougioukas)
+ IDEs: fix inconsistency in column indicators, improve behavior of Ctrl+End (thanks to Giorgos Vougioukas)
+ IDEs: improve autocomplete behavior when using EEL2 namespaces [t=274334]
+ IDEs: improve behavior of panes and undo/redo [t=274972]
+ IDEs: smarter selection of suggested items on initial mousemove [p=2629534]
+ IDEs: suggest list does not respond to mouse movement when inactive [t=275197]
+ JSFX/ReaScript IDEs: fix loss of X position when scrolling vertically in some instances [t=274248]
+ JSFX: add get_host_placement() [t=238958]
+ JSFX: add mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle()
+ JSFX: extend slider_automate to allow for touch recording
+ JSFX: get_slider/set_slider now no-op and return 0
+ JSFX: if tags: instrument is present in header, treat as an instrument
+ JSFX: improve manual editing of envelope points for parameters that are named enums
+ JSFX: per-sample performance optimizations
+ JSFX: reduce excess calls to @slider when automating parameters
+ JSFX: remove restriction of parameter name lengths
+ JSFX: support :sqr fader scaling, default is square, can override power with :sqr=3 e.g.
+ JSFX: support EEL2 preprocessing
+ JSFX: support log-scaled sliders for controls, specify :log or :log=offset after step size
+ JSFX: support up to 256 sliders
+ JSFX: support very long lines [t=272052]
+ JSFX: throttle calls to gfx_showmenu() to prevent accidental annoyance
+ JSFX: update Super8, channel mixer to use preprocessor
+ LV2: do not unload plug-in bundles on macOS [t=274448]
+ LV2: fix potential crash on macOS UI destruction [t=274448]
+ LV2: improve manual editing of envelope points for parameters that are named enums
+ Linux: do not fully unload lv2 plug-ins when destroying, fixes compatibility issues with some GDK-using plug-ins
+ Localization: improve support for various loudness-related displays
+ MIDI list editor: fix mousewheel action bindings [t=275224]
+ MIDI split: when trimming items, chase CC/pitch/etc
+ MIDI: improve behavior with replace recording mode
+ Media explorer: add action to calculate peak volume for all media (will skip files that have already been calculated)
+ Media explorer: do not allow shortcuts panel to be resized to exactly zero [t=215631]
+ Media explorer: fix action to open file in explorer with certain paths [t=274502]
+ Media explorer: improve handling of RfxChain and FX preset files [t=265842]
+ Media explorer: support editing metadata via right-click menu for .mid files [t=274771]
+ Media item properties: improve start-in-source display in certain stretch marker scenarios [t=274036]
+ Media items: always account for media item label drawn above item when calculating vertical offset for overlapping items [?t=272679]
+ Media items: fix potentially-dropped MIDI events at end of item [p=2625908]
+ Menu/toolbar editor: increase width of listview columns [p=2636334]
+ Mixer: add cut menu items to FX context menu
+ Mouse modifiers: fix crashes when deleting track from media item click/razor edit click
+ Mouse modifiers: fix support for binding actions with small ID numbers to click/doubleclick contexts
+ Notation editor: fix UI quirks when the piano roll is set to project synchronized time base [t=260878]
+ Notation editor: improve layout when resizing in continuous scroll view [p=2032295]
+ Notation editor: improve zoom layout in page view
+ Paste: improve behavior when pasting .RfxChain/.fxb/.vstpreset files into track or item context
+ Preferences: add setting in Preferences/Seeking to seek playback when clicking on media items
+ Preferences: fix searching when starting from plug-in registered preferences page [t=274326]
+ Project load: always show details of unrecognized project tokens
+ Razor edit: action to enclose media items in razor edit creates a separate razor edit area for each selected media item, rather than a single razor edit enclosing all selected media items
+ Razor edit: add mouse modifiers to move razor edits without contents horizontally/vertically/on one axis only
+ Razor edit: add option to move edit cursor on razor edit change
+ Razor edit: fix adjusting media item length when using timebase beats (position only) [p=2627203]
+ Razor edit: fix envelope cut/paste (6.72 regression)
+ Razor edit: fix some behaviors when pasting razor edit areas to master track [p=2627688]
+ Razor edits: fix action to move razor edit areas up/down/forward/back without contents for master track [p=2630344]
+ Razor edits: fix restoring master track razor edits on project load
+ Razor edits: fix undo for razor edits on master track envelopes [p=2630348]
+ Razor edits: handle master track in action to move nearest razor edit edge to cursor [p=2630311]
+ Razor edits: improve behavior when "overlap and crossfade media when finalizing razor edits" enabled [p=2623951]
+ Razor edits: only copy fade-in/fade-out if the start/end of the media item is included in the razor edit
+ Razor edits: prevent moving razor edit areas to tempo envelope when using mouse modifier to move razor edit area ignoring envelope type [p=2627676]
+ Razor edits: support cut/copy/paste on project play rate envelope [p=2629413]
+ ReaEQ: correct label for band bandwidth parameter
+ ReaScript/EEL: add mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle()
+ ReaScript/JSFX: extend gfx.getchar() to return discrete unicode values when available
+ ReaScript: EEL2 supports preprocessor to generate code <? printf("code;"); ?>, _suppress can be set to prevent compilation of sections of code
+ ReaScript: FX_GetNamedConfigParm add support for ACS x2/y2 parameters [t=274236]
+ ReaScript: SetMouseModifier(ctx,-1,-1) will reset all modifiers to default for that context, SetMouseModifier(-1,-1,-1) will reset all modifiers to default for all contexts
+ ReaScript: add GetInputActivityLevel()
+ ReaScript: fix extra characters being sent to gfx_getchar() when using AltGr on Windows [p=2627014]
+ Recording: fix $recpass000 wildcard when used in the middle of the filename [t=222312]
+ Recording: fix potential extra count-in measure being added with round-to-measure checked [t=274889]
+ Render wildcards: support case conversion for latin-supplemental accented characters [t=274162]
+ Render wildcards: support case conversion for latin-supplemental and latin-extended-A accented characters [t=274162]
+ Render: display render statistics as list view in render progress window
+ Render: improve tab order around output format configuration
+ Render: support $takemarker(name) and $takemarker(name)[separator] wildcards [t=275011]
+ Render: update dialog when changing render region selection [t=274119]
+ Routing matrix/track wiring: show if signal is present on audio/MIDI inputs
+ Routing matrix: improve record input selection indication on multichannel record inputs
+ Routing: display track parent name in routing dialog title
+ Timestretch: add new ReaReaRea mode that uses randomized overlapped windows and project resampling mode [t=266425]
+ Timestretch: improve ordering of modes menu
+ Tooltips: prevent tooltips from occuring when window is inactive [t=233380]
+ Track grouping manager: support non-ascii characters in group names
+ Track grouping: items on edit-grouped tracks follow mouse-click take selection changes [t=274295]
+ Track grouping: prevent grouping razor edits on master track [p=2627694]
+ Track manager: fix visibility of collapsed child tracks when filtering [t=275048]
+ Track routing menu: improve keyboard navigation/screen reader behavior for sends
+ Track routing menu: improve screen reader behavior for hardware output list
+ Undo: consolidate undo points when inserting multiple FX via action [t=274365]
+ VST: add compatibility setting to pass channel silence flags to VST3 plug-ins [t=274038]
+ VST: detect VST2 shell plug-in synth status using same logic as non-shell plug-ins
+ VST: improve performance with UADx plug-ins
+ VST: re-map automation by parameter ID if parameters change due to restartComponent
+ Video: add get_host_placement()
+ Video: support EEL2 preprocessing
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: fix entering center note via keyboard
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: improve keyboard navigation
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: remove space from note names
+ Windows: better ASIO channel defaults, remember channel configuration per device
+ Windows: do not allow setting default ASCII keybindings to global, require manual remap first [t=275243]
+ Windows: fix track manager gridline display when hiding columns [t=274194]
+ Windows: reduce flicker in actions window
+ macOS: fix ampersand drawing in tooltips [p=2628462]
+ macOS: improve compatibility of 'Open source file' mouse modifier dragging [p=2636376]
# API: fix SetMouseModifier with command IDs [p=2638696]
# API: midi editor play cursor preview override works when project playback stopped
# API: optimize performance of SetMouseModifier() reset of single section to defaults
# Accessibility: Fix VST preset/bypass button descriptions, give them all a common langpack section
# Audio Units: fix re-scan of kAudioUnitProperty_ParameterList
# Audio Units: release parameter name/unit strings according to spec
# IDE/gfx.getchar: more windows international keyboard support fixes
# JSFX: change :log= slider scaling to have parameter specify midpoint, no parameter uses plain log [p=2614416]
# JSFX: fix display of file-based sliders in automation etc
# JSFX: fix gaps in UIs [p=2621429]
# JSFX: fix step count for parameters with negative range [p=2619006]
# JSFX: internal file-slider overhaul
# JSFX: log-scaling affects envelopes/knobs (use :log! for log UI only and to export parameters linearly)
# JSFX: support log/sqr scaling for parameters with inverted ranges
# Localization: correct group manager column context menu section in template [t=273946]
# Localization: fix localization of column names in context menu
# MIDI split: fix incorrect note added after split
# MIDI: fix empty events left at end of item after split [p=2636612]
# Razor edit: fix action to create automation item within razor edit on master track
# Razor edit: fix undo when moving razor edits containing media items across tracks
# Razor edits: fix interaction with automation items and beat timebase [p=2627949]
# Razor edits: fix pasting to play rate envelope when razor edit spans multiple tracks [p=2629769]
# ReaReaRea: add dotted and triplet modes
# ReaReaRea: add tempo-synchronized fade modes
# ReaReaRea: change start-of-stream logic to be more consistent
# ReaReaRea: change tempo sync range from 1/128 to whole notes
# ReaScript: fix SetMouseMapsForContext partial reset
# ReaScript: fix gfx window titles
# Render wildcards: fix case conversion for some latin-extended-A characters [p=2629080]
# Render: fix calculation media item loudness via dry run render
# Render: fix render statistics not updating during render
# Render: fix render stats columns getting mixed up when doing multiple renders
# Splash: fix elastique startup message on systems with non-latin code pages [t=275177]
# Timestretch: improve ordering of simple windowed menu
# VKB: improve accessibility string for keys control
# VKB: improve accessibility role for keys control