REAPER v6.75+dev0215

v6.75+dev0215 - February 15 2023

* Includes feature branch: resizable render progress/statistics window
* Includes feature branch: improvements to aligning takes after recording
* Includes feature branch: improved mousewheel and gesture accuracy
* Includes feature branch: arrange view override mouse modifier sections
* Includes feature branch: toolbar armed/special animations
* Includes feature branch: text/control alignment improvements
* Includes feature branch: pooled and unpooled ARA edits
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane comping
* Includes feature branch: shortcut import/export improvements and multiple main keyboard sections
* Includes feature branch: improve samplerate change behavior when loading projects
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor screenset improvements
* Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
* Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ API: fix return value for FX_GetNamedConfigParm fx_type on video processors
+ Actions: prevent healing an unlooped item with a copy of itself [p=2647801]
+ Automation items: improve end-of-item chasing logic [t=253541]
+ Media item lanes: add actions to toggle comping on/off
+ Media item lanes: add comp area mouse modifier to create new comp area
+ Media item lanes: respect preference to automatically color recorded media items when recording into fixed lanes
+ Solo: alt+clicking solo buttons on soloed tracks toggles solo type, improve solo menu behavior [t=273468]
+ Undo: don't include tcp/mcp listview offsets in undo state, avoiding excess reascript-related undo states
+ Undo: exclude registered project extension state from undo [p=2514972]
+ Undo: fix latent undo changes being added from inserting new tracks [t=276071]
# Media item lanes: allow editing media items in comping lane
# Media item lanes: attempt to restore comp areas after exploding takes to fixed lanes
# Media item lanes: color comping lane background
# Media item lanes: fix behavior when moving comp area very fast
# Media item lanes: improve action to implode fixed lanes to takes when tiny media items exist [p=2647701]
# Media item lanes: improve sync persistence when changing comp source lanes
# Media item lanes: when initiating comping via comping override, include grouped tracks as well [p=2647887]