REAPER v6.32

v6.32 - July 9 2021

+ Batch converter: allow multichannel FX processing when using more than 4 channels [t=255033]
+ Envelopes: fix FX automation envelope defaults when moving media items [t=253431]
+ Loudness meter: add parameter to control whether output loudness values are written as automation
+ Loudness meter: add parameter to control internal meter update rate
+ Master meter: when set to mono, display identical RMS stereo loudness on the right meter channel [p=2460681]
+ Render: disregard setting to save copy of project before rendering when dry-run rendering
+ Super8: fix stereo export in certain instances [t=255367]
+ Wildcards: improve help for $marker(name) and $region(name) wildcards
+ Windows: fix VST3 loading from paths with UTF-8 characters (6.30 regression) [p=2461031]