REAPER v6.32+dev0717

v6.32+dev0717 - July 17 2021

* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ API: if track VU is metering loudness, API (ReaScript, control surface) peaks functions return loudness as well
+ Action list: optionally match synonyms of common words when searching for action names ("display" matches "show", etc)
+ Bridging: prevent plug-ins from hanging exiting bridge process on macOS
+ Media item lanes: add theme color for lane label
+ Media item lanes: draw lane label when multiple lanes exist
+ Peaks: rename actions to adjust peaks display zoom (rather than peaks view gain)
+ Peaks: separate peaks display slightly for multiple channels
+ Track panels: improve display of track routing when shift+dragging to create multiple sends
+ VST3 bridging: fix object reference count leaks
# Media item lanes: draw gap between lanes if space permits
# ReaScript: adjust item lanes after adding media item