REAPER v6.33+dev0726

v6.33+dev0726 - July 26 2021

* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Action list: pull list of synonyms from langpack actionlist_synonyms section
+ Actions: add actions to freeze/unfreeze media by moving items to/from hidden child track
+ MIDI: encode linear tempo changes on export as MIDI text messages that REAPER can interpret when reimporting (other applications will ignore these messages)
+ Media item properties: support entering numeric values for take volume/pan
+ Render: iterate for increased precision when normalizing to LUFS-I
# API: functions that return track peak levels (ReaScript, control surfaces, etc) still return peak levels even if the track is set to meter loudness
# API: support optionally getting track loudness values (if track VU meters are displaying loudness) via Track_GetPeakInfo and Track_GetPeakHoldDB
# Action list: ignore synonyms when using NOT qualifier
# Media item lanes: display improvements with large numbers of lanes
# Media item lanes: don't draw lane labels while continuous scrolling is active
# Media item lanes: fix interaction of media item label and lane label
# Media item lanes: when overlapping item offset is set higher than 100%, adjust offset for item label when displayed above items
# Peaks: remove actions to adjust peaks display gain per-media-item
# Wildcards: allow $start, $tempo, $timesignature wildcards when consolidating or gluing but not for recorded files (because files may be created before they are recorded to)
# vst3: retain midi mapping, note expression controller and keyswitch controllers for lifetime of plug-in