REAPER v6.34

v6.34 - August 7 2021

+ Automation: improve behavior when using freehand draw and snapping to grid [t=256238]
+ FX: improve default window position saving behavior [p=2467019]
+ LV2: fix incorrect event timestamps when passing control messages from UI to plug-in
+ Master VU: clear loudness meter when clearing peaks, even for background projects
+ Master VU: faster loudness meter response when preference enabled to reset meters on play/seek [p=2467063]
+ Metadata: add "Parts" category
+ Metadata: support embedding ID3:TPOS field
+ Peaks: add action to reset project peaks gain
+ Peaks: rename actions to adjust peaks display zoom (rather than peaks view gain)
+ Peaks: separate peaks display slightly for multiple channels
+ Preferences: fix persistence of IDE editor doubleclick option [t=256058]
+ Project files: default to using quotes for all filenames to improve legacy script compatibility [t=256027]
+ Razor edit: improve paste behavior when pasting across projects with different tempo maps [t=256099]
+ Razor edit: improve marker/region behavior when using ripple-all [t=255278]
+ Razor edit: improve undo behavior when editing FX parameter envelopes [t=256230]
+ ReaScript: add I_LASTY/I_LASTH for GetSetMediaItemTakeInfo
+ ReaScript: fix sticking gfx_getchar('/') etc on Windows [t=236374]
+ Render: add options to disable calculating loudness statistics
+ VST3: fix RealGuitar on Win64 [p=2465441]
+ VST3: fix incorrect parameter setting in response to MIDI CCs (fixes Reason 11 issues) [t=255482]
+ Wave writing: fix corrupt output when writing large Wave64 files with metadata
+ Wave writing: improve reading/writing of Wave64 metadata
+ Wave writing: support writing INFO metadata scheme to RF64 files