REAPER v6.35rc1

v6.35rc1 - August 16 2021

+ API: if track VU is metering loudness, API (ReaScript, control surface) peaks functions return loudness as well
+ Action list: optionally match synonyms of common words when searching for action names ("display" matches "show", etc)
+ Action list: pull list of synonyms from langpack actionlist_synonyms section
+ Area selection: support stretch markers in media items that contain empty take lanes, if there is at least one audio take [t=256443]
+ Automation: obey grid/snap settings when using freehand draw
+ Automation: restore 6.33 behavior when adding a single point via freehand draw [t=256406]
+ FX: add clear option to FX pin mapping dialog
+ FX: add reset button to FX pin mapping dialog
+ JSFX: support linked stereo channels in channel mapper user mix mode
+ MIDI: encode linear tempo changes on export as MIDI text messages that REAPER can interpret when reimporting (other applications will ignore these messages)
+ MP3: fix invalid memory access from unknown ETCO type in ID3v2
+ Marquee zoom: allow tracks to be sized smaller in order to fit on screen [t=256339]
+ Master VU: fix LUFS-S metering when readout set to current level rather than max or LRA [p=2471528]
+ Media item properties: support entering numeric values for take volume/pan
+ Metadata: fix embedding CART intro/segue markers that occur at the very start of the rendered file
+ Metadata: support embedding project markers/cues as XMP (for Premiere, After Effects, etc)
+ Performance: fix potential excessive UI CPU use/hang when closing project when edit cursor is offscreen [t=256285]
+ Project bay: increase project length if needed when dragging media items from project bay [t=254865]
+ Razor edits: fix editing envelope point that occurs at the start of an automation item [p=2471931]
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo support for getting/setting track VU mode
+ ReaSurround / ReaSurroundPan: allow plugin to support higher I/O channel count than the track or media item
+ ReaSurroundPan: add 9.1.2 surround setup
+ ReaSurroundPan: label an elevated speaker in the center of the room as "overhead", other elevated speakers as "height"
+ ReaSurroundPan: when LFE channel is selected, allow changing input faders to gain, but disable the channel text edit box
+ Render: add options to disable calculating loudness statistics
+ Render: display up to 512 vu meters, limited to the screen height
+ Render: iterate for increased precision when normalizing to LUFS-I
+ Render: more informative error message if target file cannot be created
+ Render: optimize loudness calculations
+ Render: separate render statistics header for clearer display when rendering many files
+ Render: support dithering primary and secondary render format to different bit depths [t=256483]
+ Render: support enabling LUFS-I/LUFS-M and LRA/LUFS-S statistics separately
+ Ripple editing: improve behavior of duplicate area selection action [t=256114]
+ Ripple editing: improve behavior of duplicate selected area of items action
+ Tempo markers: support tempo basis other than 1/4 note (affects displayed BPM number only, not metronome or tempo envelope display) [t=250880]
+ Theme: add meter_strip_h_rms image, consistently use loudness meter theme elements for tracks that are set to meter loudness
+ Track VU: add metering settings submenu to track context menu as well as track VU context menu
+ Track VU: support RMS stereo metering
+ Track VU: support metering RMS, LUFS-M, or LUFS-S
+ Tracks: support mono master/parent send
+ VST3: fix incorrect handling of IContextMenuItem flags
+ Windows: avoid potential splash screen hang when caught in an invalidate/postmessage loop [t=256285]
# API: functions that return track peak levels (ReaScript, control surfaces, etc) still return peak levels even if the track is set to meter loudness
# API: support optionally getting track loudness values (if track VU meters are displaying loudness) via Track_GetPeakInfo and Track_GetPeakHoldDB
# Action list: ignore synonyms when using NOT qualifier
# Dither: re-use the exact same dither if primary/secondary targets have the same bit depth
# FX: don't reset pin connector if reset menu is closed without making a selection
# JSFX: fix channel mapper mousewheel edits for linked channels
# JSFX: improve stereo linking UI when horizontal scrollbar is showing
# Master VU: localize loudness meter settings dropdown
# Master/parent send: change .RPP storage of one-channel parent send setting (now warns if loaded in previous versions)
# Media item properties: don't auto-update dialog while user is editing take volume or pan
# Metadata: fix embedding XMP markers that occur at the very start of the rendered file
# Meters: improve readout display on very small sizes
# ReaSurroundPan: account for mono parent sends when setting channel display from sending track name/color
# ReaSurroundPan: add action to set input channel display to sending track names/colors, option to automatically update if tracks change
# ReaSurroundPan: minor labeling change for Auro speaker setups
# Render: more optimizations to loudness calculations
# Track VU: add option to display current instead of maximum value when track meters set to LUFS-S
# Track VU: fix theme color for loudness readout in horizontal mode
# Track VU: minor change to internal storage for track metering settings
# Track VU: preserve playback peak metering behavior when record-armed and metering track output
# Track VU: support post-fader loudness metering
# Track meters: correct label tooltips for RMS vs LUFS
# vst3: retain midi mapping, note expression controller and keyswitch controllers for lifetime of plug-in