REAPER v7.02+dev1029

v7.02+dev1029 - October 29 2023

* Includes feature branch: FX envelope options for AI combining
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Automation items: fix glue/delete preserve points for some cases with very small AIs
+ Automation items: fix incorrect values when gluing AIs with small overlaps
+ Comping: action to delete comp areas and re-comp ignores crossfades [t=284286]
+ Comping: improve behavior when comp areas contain multiple copies of the same media [p=2726836]
+ Envelopes: add per-FX-envelope option to control how overlapping Automation Items are combined
+ Envelopes: improve organization of context menu
+ Envelopes: remove redundant 'Tension:' from mouseover tooltips
+ Envelopes: when mouseover on overlapping automation items, show current item value rather than combined value
+ Lanes: add menu item, action to delete all lanes except for the clicked lane
+ Lanes: display media item re-sync buttons when lanes are collapsed [p=2727052]
+ Lanes: fix crash when right-clicking comp lane that has no comp areas [p=2727154]
+ Lanes: recording behaviors are equivalent for a track that has never had lanes vs a track that was formerly in fixed lane view
+ Lanes: when reordering lanes, only affect other selected tracks with the same number of lanes [p=2726910]
+ License import: improve wording and explanation of old license keys
+ MIDI editor: fix displaying time/value in the correct place [p=2726975]
+ MIDI editor: when setting enabled, set channel for new events on mouseup rather than mousedown [p=2727380]
+ Marquee: clear envelope selection if envelope is selected and marquee is largely outside of envelope [t=284171]
+ Menus: fix 'move to folder' menu items after customizing menu (previously customized menus will need to be reset and re-customized, or else add 'item_x=49000 (folder list)' to reaper-menu.ini) [t=284219]
+ Razor edits: display vertical guidelines when creating razor edit areas
+ Razor edits: improve horizontal guidelines when editing on free item positioning or fixed lane tracks
+ ReaScript: action to export mouse modifiers as reascript functions as a toggle, reports toggle state to REAPER (for use as a toolbar button)
+ ReaScript: fix get_action_context() for alternate keyboard sections [p=2727422]
+ Toolbar: add right-click menu to mouse modifier override toolbar buttons
+ Tracks: action to insert spacer after tracks skips hidden folder children [p=2727198]
# Editing: fix interaction between preference to limit edge edits to source media and mouse modifiers to stretch media items
# Editing: preference to limit edge edits to source media content does not apply to looped media or MIDI items
# Lanes: fix lane name oddness when disabling comping on an empty track with setting enabled to remove empty lanes [p=2727166]
# Lanes: more improvements to pasting media items and razor edits from/to fixed lane tracks
# Lanes: remove lane collapse button mouse dependency on unrelated track display setting [p=2727171]