REAPER v7.03

v7.03 - November 7 2023

+ Comp areas: actions to move comp areas up/down re-selects items after running
+ Comp areas: actions to move comp areas up/down skips lanes that only have source media within the comp area fadein/fadeout
+ Comp areas: actions to move comp areas up/down re-comps items if they are not already in sync
+ Comp areas: fix glitch when rapidly dragging comp area from right to left [p=2726070]
+ Comp areas: improve handling of unlooped media items that are longer than the media source [p=2725228]
+ Comp areas: when deleting comp areas and media, avoid leaving tiny pieces behind
+ Comping: actions to toggle comping set the track to fixed lanes, create a comping lane if the track has never had one; otherwise re-enable most recently used comping lane
+ Comping: action to delete comp areas and re-comp ignores crossfades [t=284286]
+ Comping: action to delete media within comp areas and re-comp skips lanes with no media
+ Comping: allow setting source lane by right-clicking comp area
+ Comping: improve behavior when comp areas contain multiple copies of the same media [p=2726836]
+ Comping: when moving comp areas up/down via buttons or actions, skip empty source lanes
+ Comping: when re-enabling comping, handle edits in the comping lane that were made while comping was disabled [p=2729225]
+ Envelopes: improve organization of context menu
+ Envelopes: remove redundant 'Tension:' from mouseover tooltips
+ Envelopes: mouseover tooltip on overlapping automation items displays both current and combined item values
+ FX: actions to apply first track or take fx also bypass all take or track fx, whichever FX chain is not being rendered [p=2726302]
+ FX containers: fix parameter modulation issues in certain instances [p=2730461]
+ FX containers: fix possible incorrect undo state when recording new automation [t=284335]
+ FX containers: improve accessibility for nested containers by allowing left/right arrows in chain list to navigate up/down hierarchy
+ Keyboard sections: avoid incorrect menu modifiers being generated when editing alternate sections
+ Keyboard sections: fix temporary override behavior with modifier keys [p=2726244]
+ Keyboard sections: improve behavior and default mapping of ESC when copying main action assignments
+ Lanes: actions to delete comp areas have no effect if comping is disabled
+ Lanes: action to reset lane names preserves comp lane identifiers, but resets comp lane numbers
+ Lanes: add actions to explicitly show or hide fixed lane buttons
+ Lanes: add action to delete source media within comp areas and re-comp for selected tracks
+ Lanes: add menu item, action to delete all lanes except for the clicked lane
+ Lanes: add preference to show/play only one lane by default
+ Lanes: display lane collapse button when track is tall enough, regardless of user setting for empty space at bottom of track [p=2726084]
+ Lanes: display media item re-sync buttons when lanes are collapsed [p=2727052]
+ Lanes: fix behavior of toggle action to set track to fixed lanes when multiple tracks are selected with mixed states
+ Lanes: fix crash when right-clicking comp lane that has no comp areas [p=2727154]
+ Lanes: fix lane size changing when moving media items out of and back into fixed lane tracks [p=2726086]
+ Lanes: fix occasionally pasting razor edits into the incorrect lanes [p=2726481]
+ Lanes: fix pencil-drawing media items on tracks with hidden lanes when multiple lanes are playing
+ Lanes: fix recording overlapping media on tracks that were formerly set to fixed lanes
+ Lanes: recording behaviors are equivalent for a track that has never had lanes vs a track that was formerly in fixed lane view
+ Lanes: when disabling fixed lanes, only retain hidden lane information if there are hidden media items or items on multiple lanes [p=2726131]
+ Lanes: when reordering lanes, only affect other selected tracks with the same number of lanes [p=2726910]
+ Lanes: when showing/playing only one lane, ignore actions that would result in no lanes or multiple lanes playing
+ License import: improve wording and explanation of old license keys
+ macOS: fix toolbar switching actions for various toolbars [t=284681]
+ Marquee: clear envelope selection if envelope is selected and marquee is largely outside of envelope [t=284171]
+ Menus: fix 'move to folder' menu items after customizing menu [t=284219]
+ MIDI editor: fix displaying time/value in the correct place [p=2726975]
+ MIDI editor: when setting enabled, set channel for new events on mouseup rather than mousedown [p=2727380]
+ Navigator: do not display items in hidden lanes [t=284539]
+ Paste: allow pasting media items onto a specific lane when pasting items on multiple tracks [t=284056]
+ Preferences: fix disabling backup preferences
+ Preferences: fix setting configuration of default item fade length
+ Razor edits: display vertical guidelines when creating razor edit areas
+ Razor edits: improve horizontal guidelines when editing on free item positioning or fixed lane tracks
+ ReaScript: gfx.getchar(65536) returns additional flag if mouse click would hit window [t=284395]
+ ReaScript: add set_action_options() for Lua/EEL2 which allows customizing behavior when re-running an already-running script
+ ReaScript: fix get_action_context() for alternate keyboard sections [p=2727422]
+ ReaScript: MIDIEditor_GetTake/EnumTakes() will return NULL rather than take in an invalid item [t=284387]
+ ReaScript: optimize CountSelectedMediaItems/GetSelectedMediaItem
+ ReaScript: simplify script exported from mouse modifiers preferences
+ ReaScript: support setting script toggle state via set_action_options()
+ ReaScript: improve IDE suggestion mouse/mousewheel/scroll behavior
+ ReaScript: improve IDE help auto-navigate on F1 for some functions
+ Recording: add recording option to add overlapping media items in layers, replicating v6 recording option 'Add media items'
+ Track reordering: add more options in Preferences/Editing Behavior/Mouse to control folder creation via drag/drop
+ Track spacers: action to insert spacer after tracks skips hidden folder children [p=2727198]
+ Video: support VLC 3.0.19+
+ WALTER: fix loading custom images from subdirectories in certain themes [p=2726746]
+ Wildcards: $hour12 resolves 12:xx as 12 rather than 00 [t=284470]