REAPER v7.04

v7.04 - November 12 2023

+ Accessibility: improve labels for volume/pan fields in track routing window
+ Actions: when editing custom actions, display 'unknown or deprecated' for unknown component actions
+ Comp areas: fix weirdness when running action to move comp areas up/down on grouped tracks with no targeted comp areas [p=2731934]
+ Comp areas: handle re-enabling comping after media item edits cause comp area to be in sync with a different source lane [p=2732173]
+ Comping: always display lane name when showing only one lane; display lane up/down controls on mouseover
+ Comping: fix comping media that is decoded by a video decoder [p=2731245]
+ Comping: fix take offset error when editing media items while comping [p=2732163]
+ Comping: improve behavior when source media has negative start-in-source offset [p=2732559]
+ FX containers: enforce a reasonable limit on visible nested containers [p=2731384]
+ FX containers: improve drag and drop behavior when dragging from chain to container [p=2732273]
+ Lanes: add action to move items up to minimize lane usage
+ Lanes: clear comp area controls mouseover when mouse leaves arrange view
+ Lanes: fix moving media items on higher-numbered lanes [p=2731912]
+ Lanes: fix pencil-drawing with certain numbers of lanes [p=2732116]
+ Lanes: improve behavior when deleting lanes that have razor edit areas [p=2732254]
+ MIDI loopback: open devices immediately when creating new device pair
+ Theme: tweaks and transport HiDPI fixes
+ Tooltips: improve visibility for floating toolbars and some other scenarios
+ Undo: fix potentially incorrect automation when undoing track deletion [t=284881]