REAPER v7.05+dev1112

v7.05+dev1112 - November 12 2023

* Includes feature branch: FX envelope options for AI combining
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Accessibility: add option to use a longer, localizable prefix for parallel FX indicators
+ Comping: ensure comp areas are synced on every undo point and project save
+ FX containers: auto-expand container on mouseover drag in chain
+ Keyboard: improve Windows/macOS cross-import keyboard support for US keyboards [t=284753]
+ Lanes: improve behavior when auto-punch recording and setting enabled to record into first available lane [p=2731993]
+ Recording: action to mark last take as favorite or for deletion affects only currently-recording looped items, not previously recorded items
+ Recording: actions to mark last recording pass as favorite or for deletion will mark the current recording if there is no previous recording pass
+ Text filtering: better support combining accent when matching strings [t=284752]
+ Track panels: improve retina/hidpi drawing of lane controls for non-hidpi-aware themes [p=2732013]