REAPER v7.06+dev1129

v7.06+dev1129 - November 29 2023

* Includes feature branch: envelope list window improvements
* Includes feature branch: video processors in containers
* Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
* Includes feature branch: large number of video items CPU use optimizations
* Includes feature branch: record armed tracks obeying 'do not run muted tracks' preference
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
* Includes feature branch: support non-SMPTE 7.1 channel order
* Includes feature branch: support copying comp area edits back to source lanes
* Includes feature branch: optionally limit media item edge edits to start/end of source media
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Display: improve cursor paste location indicator on free item positioning and fixed lane tracks [p=2738141]
+ FX containers: if moving a FX into a container, preserve parameter links
+ FX containers: if moving a FX into a subcontainer, preserve parent container parameter mapping
+ FX containers: when moving FX to (grand)parent, adjust any parameter link/mappings in the new context
+ FX: fix behavior of single-FX-chain mode when moving FX from container
+ FX: migrate TCP parameters/envelopes to top level container when moving FX into nested containers
+ MIDI editor: account for media item left/right trim when sizing to fit contents
+ MIDI editor: display media item position in track list if multiple media items share the same name
+ MIDI editor: do not display note edges beyond the edge of the media item (somewhat experimental) [p=2738388]
+ MIDI editor: fix tooltip for "CC selection follows note selection" button [t=285697]
+ MIDI editor: when switching active MIDI source, ensure the source is visible in the editor
# ReaScript: enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String("P_LANENAME:n") [p=2738243]